NYC mayor doubles down AGAIN on bullying Holocaust survivor: ‘I am the symbol of black manhood’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams showcased his towering ego in what is being described as an “epic rant” in which he declared himself to be “the symbol of black manhood in this city, in this country” as he continues to reject criticism of his bullying of an elderly Holocaust survivor who committed the grave sin of challenging him during a town hall event last month.

At the June 28 public event called “Talk with Eric,” the Democrat leader likened 84-year-old housing-rights advocate Jeanie Dubnau to a slave owner when she grilled him over the raising of rents.

“I’m the mayor of this city and treat me with the respect that would deserve to be treated. I’m speaking to you as an adult. Don’t stand in front like you treated someone that’s on the plantation that you own,” he said.

During a speech at a Brooklyn church last week, Hizzoner defended himself against critics of his rude berating of Dubnau who while not mentioning her by name, seemed to be referring to her as he recounted a story about his mother, a housecleaner, who was repeatedly fired for “snapping back” at employers who were disrespectful.

“I am the symbol of black manhood in this city, in this country, and what it represents. I am the mayor of the most powerful city on the globe and people need to recognize that,” he proclaimed.

He recounted the stories of “mommy” and her job troubles and how it has influenced his own personality and style.

“She would say it was my job to clean your garbage pail — not to take your crap. And she would say to me, ‘baby don’t you ever let someone disrespect you,’” Adams told the crowd at the Christian Cultural Center in Starrett City on Sunday. “And no matter where I am, mommy transitioned almost two years ago and I hear her every time someone thinks they gonna step up and disrespect me.”

While Mayor Adams may have a vastly exaggerated sense of his own importance, Twitter users weren’t impressed.

Adams’ monumental ego has also included his anointing himself as the “future” of the Democratic Party and claiming that God spoke to him 30 years before he was sworn in as mayor on January 1, 2022, and told him it would come to pass on the exact date.

“God stated, ‘You cannot be silent. You must tell everyone you know!’” the New York Post reported. “’And I [would] go around the city…and I would tell everybody, ‘I’m going to be mayor January 1, 2022. People used to think I was on medication!’ he recalled.”

Dubnau isn’t waiting by the phone for an apology for being insulted by Adams.

“Oh, he’s not going to apologize,” she told the New York Post. “I mean, you know the mayor. He thinks he’s the greatest and doesn’t want to be criticized.”

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Chris Donaldson


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