Oakland area plagued with potholes as road crews chased off by crime: ‘They felt unsafe’

The politics of potholes is apparently a thing in Democrat-run Oakland, California.

An East Oakland community is dealing with pothole-filled roads but crime in the area is reportedly preventing a road maintenance crew from addressing the problem.

That’s according to local resident Shari Angarano, who spoke with the project manager.

“He essentially said that the work was suspended and he couldn’t tell me the time frame when they would return because the contractor halted all the work because they felt unsafe,” Angarano told the Daily Mail.

“They were not going to restart the project until the City of Oakland could guarantee a safe work environment for them,” she added.

(Video Credit: KRON4)

In an interview with KRON4 San Francisco, Angarano said the roads in the Sobrante Park neighborhood were stripped of existing pavement, but the crew never showed up on the day they were scheduled to begin repaving.

“There’s more and more gravel and rocks being kicked up every day, every time the bus passes by,” she told the outlet. “I did pose that question to the project manager… what happens if my tires get popped? All he could do was tell me to submit a request to the city for reimbursement.”

Oakland’s Department of Transportation told KRON4 that the project was to resume this week and is projected to be finished sometime this month.

Turns out the department has other problems on its hands due to crime in the area.

“Oakland has removed the traffic lights from one intersection and replaced them with 4-way stop signs due to people stealing copper and then tampering with an electrical box. It’s a sight that has made drivers do a double take: a stop sign hanging overhead where a traffic light would normally be, located above the intersection,” KPIX reported last month.

(Video Credit: KPIX)

Tom Tillison


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