‘Oh, for f*ck’s sake’: Bill Maher sits down with Megyn Kelly and there’s no shortage of fireworks

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher is on a book tour plugging his new offering, “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You,” and Maher made his way to Megyn Kelly’s popular SiriusXM podcast on Tuesday and there was no shortage of fireworks.

No topic was off limits, as the discussion ran the gamut. But Maher found himself outclassed on more than one occasion as they discussed Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hillary Clinton’s election denial, and more, including Maher preaching the dangers of a second term as president for Donald Trump.

On the infamous laptop, Kelly spoke about how the story was suppressed ahead of the 2020 election, much to the consternation of her guest, who had no appetite for the topic.

“Oh, for f*ck’s sake. Really? Then we’re not as alike as you think,” he told Kelly.

“That’s a stupid non-story,” Maher added.

“Says who? There are polls that shows some 10-12% of the electorate would have changed their mind had they seen it, had they known about it,” Kelly replied.

“It wasn’t right to suppress it, but nobody gives a fuck about Hunter Biden’s d*ck,” Maher pushed back, before pointing to Trump in a game of whataboutism.

When Hillary Clinton came up, Maher did not appear to be aware that she once called Trump an “illegitimate president.”

“Hillary Clinton of course is the original election denier,” Kelly said.

“She’s not an election denier,” Maher argued.

When Kelly noted that Clinton spent “the next 4 years saying he was an illegitimate president,” Maher was adamant that the failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee never said that.

“She said those exact words,” Kelly shot back, before running a clip of Clinton’s remarks.

“Okay,” Maher replied. “She conceded the election. Whether you’re interpreting her disappointment at losing it as the same thing as Trump not conceding it… it’s a tremendous false equivalency.”

“Don’t try to tell me that Hillary Clinton wasn’t an election denier,” Kelly insisted. “And Jamie Raskin, and a whole host of Democrats who are now in prominent positions on Capitol Hill.”

Another exchange that did not go well for Maher was when he claimed Jan. 6 protesters killed cops.

“They didn’t do that. They didn’t kill cops,” Kelly corrected him.

“They of course did,” Maher countered, before asking sarcastically, “They died of natural causes that day?”

Kelly then ran a clip from a CBS affiliate reinforcing her assertion, showing just how poorly informed Maher is on important topics.

Tom Tillison


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