Ohio Lt. Governor, local officials do little to quell fears as they chug East Palestine water

In order to prove that the city water in East Palestine, Ohio is safe enough to drink, Lt. Governor Jon Husted and several local officials chugged some down.

Following a train derailment and subsequent chemical spill, residents of the state have some concerns, including the possible effects the chemical had on local city water.

In an effort to prove that the city’s water supply is safe to consume, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Fire Chief Keith Drabick, Police Chief James Brown, and Mayor Trent Conaway joined forces to take a drink themselves.

The video was posted on Husted’s Twitter account in the hopes of boosting confidence:

Mayor Conaway advised that though municipal water was safe, those who use well water should get it tested. Additionally, he recommended staying away from streams and creeks which have not been deemed safe.

Comments on the video made clear a number of people remain skeptical even after the stunt:

Sierra Marlee


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