Ohio sheriff calls for death penalty to be renewed amid soaring illegal alien crime

A sheriff from Ohio said that he supports the renewal of the death penalty for certain offenses amid a rise in violent crime that he attributes to the porous southern border and Joe Biden’s immigration policy.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told Fox News Digital that he’s “angry” and could go “on and on” about the criminal mayhem that’s been unleashed by “Biden’s border bloodbath” and the cost to taxpayers who are forced to foot the bill for their incarceration.

“People are fed up, and we want something done. And I don’t know that we can stand President Biden being here. And this is just a sample of what he’s done. Lord, help us all,” Sheriff Jones told the outlet.

(Video Credit: Fox News Digital)

The Buckeye State lawman said that 1,000 illegal aliens have been locked up in his jail for over 2,000 crimes with many of them involving violence.

“We had one guy that was deported eight times. He was in my jail under eight different names, and that’s what we know of,” Jones said. “He’s here. He’s committed murder while he’s here. And we believe that this isn’t the first time he’s committed murder. And we’ve had people that have been hit with vehicles killed. We’ve had people that have been stabbed. So the crime is increasing.”

The sheriff singled out some particular incidents that haunted him with one being a nine-year-old girl who was taken off of her bicycle and molested by one of Biden’s “newcomers” and another involving a paraplegic who was hit by an illegal who fled from the scene.

“I don’t need any extra crime coming from other countries where they empty their prisons out,” Butler said, responding to those who downplay the migrant crime wave by saying that U.S. citizens are also guilty of committing crimes. He also told the outlet that he’s instructing county residents on how to utilize firearms for self-protection from criminals.

“What would happen if Biden was reelected? I believe our country is in danger. But I’m not the only one. The government believes that if we continue with this trajectory, that we’re all in danger. We are training our civilians here how to protect themselves” the sheriff said, adding that he believes that the Biden administration is preventing the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from doing their job.

“They block the federal government,” the lawman said. “I am the government, and I’m embarrassed and ashamed of the people that we have in leadership positions. These other countries laugh at us. They look at our president, he can hardly talk,” referring to the octogenarian Democrat’s ongoing cognitive struggles.

“I guess when you’re president, or you’re these people in power, you don’t go to the grocery store… I keep my ear to the ground and I talk to people. They’re fed up, they’re disgusted, and they’re scared,” added Sheriff Jones.

Jones also believes that it’s time to bring back the death penalty, and wants state lawmakers to make it a crime to be an illegal alien in Ohio, similar to a Texas measure.

“Our approach here is far from gentle. I’m not a very gentle approach person,” Jones explained, adding, “I believe if you murder somebody, the death penalty. I believe if you molest children or hurt children, the death penalty. I think terrorism, the death penalty. Selling drugs to somebody that dies, the death penalty. And, now I don’t get to make those rules.”

“The people that come see me, that their loved ones have been killed by illegals either behind the wheel, intoxicated, or have died of overdose from the drugs coming from the border… I lose sleep over that,” the sheriff said.

Chris Donaldson


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