‘Oozes through his pores’: MSNBC panel make a wild leap to link DeSantis’ basketball comment to slavery smear

MSNBC leftists attempted to smear Gov. Ron DeSantis as a racist and a white supremacist once again for making an innocent comment about basketball players, tying it to teaching about slavery.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

MSNBC host Joy Reid and her guest, political analyst Juanita Tolliver, set their leftist sights on the Florida Republican during Wednesday night’s edition of “The ReidOut.” They feigned shock and horror over an innocent comment he made about basketball players. This time they stretched and linked the comments to the teaching of slavery in the Sunshine State.

Digging deep to charge racism against DeSantis, Reid pulled up a clip from June where he did an interview that she speciously claimed was related to the conservative governor’s defense of Florida school curriculum on black history. The curriculum purportedly states that “slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit” and, of course, the two raging leftists took it totally out of context.

“You know, Andrew Gillum, he famously said, ‘I’m not saying Ron DeSantis is a racist. I’m just saying the racists seem to think that he’s a racist.’ Let me play him in his own words. This is Ron DeSantis, who played baseball in college. Talk about baseball versus basketball,” Reid sneered, quoting Gillum, the massively corrupt former Democrat mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, who lost the gubernatorial bid to DeSantis.

“I think that there’s kind of a place for everybody on a baseball team if you’re willing to work hard, if you’re willing to practice, and if you’re willing to hone your skills. So I kind of thought it was always a very democratic game, a very meritocratic game, whereas I kind of viewed like, like basketball is like ‘These guys are just freaks of nature!'” DeSantis joked.

Having no sense of humor, only outrage, Reid exclaimed, “Eh!”

Tolliver then took it right over the edge, accusing DeSantis of racism and white supremacy… a tired Democrat talking point that only highlights the left’s fear of the popular conservative governor and GOP presidential candidate.

“OH!!! It’s no wonder! It’s no wonder that he makes stupid statements around slavery being beneficial for enslaved people when that’s what he thinks about basketball players, which we know is code for black people. Right?” she asserted.

“Like that it just oozes through his pores. The racism and the white supremacy. Like how? How, how, how has this man been able to advance so far? And I have another question. What will it take to stop him? Thankfully, he’s getting his own way in that regard. Thankfully, he’s running his own campaign into the ground,” Tolliver claimed.

Reid wholeheartedly agreed with the hatred spewing from Tolliver.

“He’s stopping himself. I mean, we found out, at first they thought this insane sort of homoerotic, but also homophobic ad. You know, people were like, Oh, I wonder what PAC made that? It turned out it was his campaign! He made… they made the ad for him,” Reid said, putting on her best-enraged act for her dulled audience.

“And now what you’re seeing is this exodus because, you know, running for governor, running for president, when you’re a governor, you’re supposed to use your the state of your state as sort of the you know, this is the tried and true. This is what I can do,” she ranted.

“Not only all the problems I mentioned earlier, you have conventions now leaving. The Game of Thrones convention is like peace out. We’re not doing it in Florida. You’ve got all these other conventions. National Association of Black Society of Engineers was like, Nope, we’re not doing our convention, we’re going to go to Atlanta now. Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and corporate has said, peace, we’re not coming to Orlando. We ain’t coming because of him. How does he run for president when he’s running conventions out of his state?” Reid ridiculously asked.

Then Tolliver brought up the absolutely mock-worthy NAACP travel ban, claiming blacks aren’t safe in Florida because of DeSantis.

“I mean, it also tracks with the NAACP releasing a full travel warning for black and brown people because the state is so harmful. Look,” Tolliver concluded in a fashion worthy of the most dense, dishonest hacks that appear on the network.

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