ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith cools on DeSantis support, falls prey to Kamala Harris’ big lie

Whether he’s ignorant of the truth, driven by a political agenda, or just a liar, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has embraced the propaganda about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and that the state’s new history curriculum teaches that slavery was beneficial to some black people who were slaves.

In addition to being a sports commentator, Smith also specializes in social commentary, especially when it comes to racial matters and on a recent edition of his podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” he tore into the Sunshine State Republican who is at the center of a vicious and dishonest smear campaign based on a grossly distorted portrayal of the state’s new standards.

The big lie, which has been advanced by Vice President Kamala Harris, is based on one cherry-picked sentence from a document that’s over 200 pages long that says, “Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit,” which has served as the basis for media reports that have amplified the falsehood. And either Smith fell for it hook, line, and sinker, or he’s in on it.

(Video: YouTube/Stephen A. Smith)

Having been previously supportive of DeSantis, at least in comparison to former President Donald J. Trump, the host walked it back, citing the fake news about Florida’s curriculum.

“To Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida. My man, I am a registered independent, although most of the time in my life, I voted, I have voted Democrat,” Smith said. “I’m not that enamored with the Democratic Party. I’m not that enamored with what is affectionately to some, unaffectionately to others, described as woke — this woke culture that we’re living in.”

“I agree with some of the points that you have made in the past, so much so that I was actually hoping you’d win the Republican nomination because I certainly don’t believe that Donald Trump should be the president of the United States of America,” he continued. “But the more I see stories like this, the more it alerts me to the fact that Ron DeSantis, you don’t need to be governor — sorry. You don’t need to be president either.”

“The battles that he’s fighting are just unconscionable. Why is the governor concerning himself with African-American studies? By the way, in the state of Florida, it’s been taught since 1994. Why are you concerning yourself with such things?” Smith said.

Ironically, Smith had previously expressed his opinion that, unlike former President Donald J. Trump, DeSantis wasn’t an easy target for left-wing smear merchants.

“Are you trying to deny the fact that white folks have been privileged compared to other races of people in this country? Are you kidding me?” Smith, also said during his podcast.

As the famous quote attributed to iconic American writer Mark Twain put it, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” and the whopper about Florida teaching and slavery has already been widely dispersed before it was debunked, including by one of the people who crafted the Florida standards, Michigan State University professor emeritus Dr. William Allen, who pointed out that the veep is a liar.

“This curriculum is devoted to telling the truth,” Allen told Fox News host Jesse Watters, “whereas Kamala Harris has retailed a lie.”

“Now, it may only have been a falsehood the first time she stated it,” Dr. Allen added. “But when you repeat a falsehood, it becomes a lie.”

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