Oregon woman who struggled with gender identity sues doctors who removed her breasts

After falling victim to woke ideologues in academia and the medical industry, one detransitioner is taking legal action against those that abused “their positions of trust and authority” and facilitated her now regretted “unnecessary, irreversible treatment.”

Camille Kiefel is a 32-year-old woman who struggled with her “individual identity” throughout her life, but it wasn’t until college that she was introduced to the idea of gender identity. After minoring in gender studies at Portland State University she began identifying as non-binary following consultation with a “gender-affirming” therapist in 2016, and by 2020 she underwent a double mastectomy recommended, according to a 13 page complaint, after nothing more than two separate video calls.

Kiefel’s complaint, filed in November with Oregon State Courts, is seeking $850,000 in damages from social worker Amy Ruff, of Brave Space Oregon, and mental health therapist Mara Burmesiter, of Quest Center for Integrative Health, alleging they “abused their positions of professional trust and authority with intent to cause, or with reckless disregard,” caused her to “suffer extreme, excruciating, severe emotional distress.”

As one of many detransitioners who have come to regret their decision that was prompted by pseudoscience in the absence of sincere resistance and questioning, Kiefel testified before the Florida Board of Medicine in October and detailed how she was, “30 and at the end of my rope when I transitioned. At the time I believed I was nonbinary, I struggled with severe mental illness and suicidal ideation.”

“I had a trauma history: when I was in sixth grade my best friend had been raped by her brother,” she explained. “Being a girl meant I was more vulnerable, so I started to present as more masculine. This should have been a red flag, yet within months of requesting top surgery, it was performed on me.”

In speaking with the New York Post, Kiefel added, “My dad told me about how men talked about girls, because he wanted to protect me and to get me to dress more conservatively. But it made my anxiety worse. All that really screwed me up. I remember I was even afraid to be alone.”

“I didn’t want to highlight my curves. I had a lot of discomfort around my breasts and hips,” she said.

After approaching Ruff in May 2020 about the mastectomy during an hour Zoom session, Kiefel followed up with Burmeister in July for a 40-minute call in July, and by August the surgery had performed. The complaint alleged, that no consideration was given to her other diagnosed mental health problems that include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder.

Burmeister, according to the complaint, “failed to conduct an individualized, comprehensive mental health assessment” and should have been aware Kiefel was a “high-risk candidate for regretting or not benefitting from undergoing a double mastectomy for the purpose of ‘gender affirmation.'” It also stated the letter from the therapist was “based on cut-and-pasted boilerplate diagnostic criteria.”

Meanwhile, the complaint asserted that Ruff had “breached her duty of care” and failed to provide “accurate, complete information about the risks of having a double mastectomy ostensibly to relieve or alleviate mental health or emotional distress.”

She is now “living with a permanently scarred, disfigured, and physically painful or discomfiting chest, and deep feelings of regret over unnecessarily and permanently losing her choice ever to breastfeed a child.” The complaint also detailed her expressed fears and anxiety over forging a relationship with someone “sexually and romantically attracted to a woman without breasts.”

“People who are struggling mentally and physically can get wrapped up in these ideologies,” she told the Daily Wire, “because our current solutions aren’t working for people.”

“I just don’t want what happened to me to happen to someone else,” Kiefel went on as she stated her interest in advocacy work for fellow detransitioners.

Kevin Haggerty


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