Sen. Ernst on DNC demoting Iowa caucus: ‘Dems have really given middle America the middle finger’

Iowans are grumbling after the Democratic party made a major change to the primary process in order to provide their 2024 candidate – presumably Joe Biden – with an initial boost by jumping three states with large numbers of black voters over Iowa and its caucus which has traditionally signaled the beginning of the election season.

One of those who are expressing their displeasure is the Hawkeye State’s Republican Senator Joni Ernst who expressed her viewpoint that Democrats gave “middle America the middle finger” as the party focus has shifted away from the area of the country that the coastal liberal elite derisively sneer at as the “flyover” states.


On Friday, the DNC’s Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee voted to strip Iowa of the position that it has held for five decades, a move made to address complaints of a lack of “diversity” in the process that comes a day after Biden sent a letter to the committee expressing his desire to see the “restrictive” caucuses abandoned and has reportedly made no secret of his desire to have South Carolina kick off the road to the White House.

Under the new rules, New Hampshire and Nevada would retain their own early spots but Georgia and Michigan with their heavily black urban electorates would be shifted into the top five.

Senator Ernst appeared on “Fox News Sunday” where she told host Shannon Bream that she was “sorely disappointed” when the DNC voted to send Iowa to the back of the bus.

“We have seen a number of pushes in the past to change this,” she said. “I’m glad that Republicans are staying the course. I feel Democrats have really given middle America the middle finger.”

Iowa’s other Senator, Republican Chuck Grassley also blasted the DNC’s decision.

“Pres Biden is kicking Iowa in the teeth by suggesting to kick it out of first in the nation after Iowans helped catapult him to VP spot for Iowa caucus winner Barack Obama Without VP experience Biden may hv never been POTUS,” he wrote on Twitter.

Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds also weighed in on the Democrats maneuver albeit with a slightly more positive spin.

Iowa Republicans will go first in 2024! The Iowa Caucus is a true grassroots process where Iowans play a critical role in vetting the candidates on a level playing field. And we WILL continue to do so because of leadership at @IowaGOP and @GOP!” Reynolds tweeted.

The emphasis on South Carolina appears to also be a reward to Congressional Black Caucus kingfish Rep. James Clyburn who was able to mobilize support for the flailing Biden in 2020 by engineering a momentum swinging beatdown of socialist Bernie Sanders in the Palmetto State that resurrected the man who would go on to win the White House from the political grave that he seemed to be destined for as many observers had already penned his obituary.

The rules proposal still needs to be ratified by the entire DNC but that’s just a formality with Biden on record as supporting it.

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Chris Donaldson


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