Panicked Meghan McCain snaps at DeSantis as Trump support surges: ‘You’ve straddled the fence for too long’

Conservative commentator Meghan McCain is out with a scorching new column snapping at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for not having already entered the 2024 presidential race.

Published in the Daily Mail, the column begins with her acknowledging that “The Donald is back.”

“Trump’s most ardent supporters and his most vocal critics, from Senator Mitt Romney to New York Times columnists, are condemning Trump’s indictment as an appalling political hit job. And the liberal news media – for all their handwringing over another Trump term – are more than happy to thrust him down America’s throats,” the column reads.

“Trump is leading all newscasts and topping all the websites. Why? Because it garners Trump’s critics the fantastic ratings that they’ve been missing since he left office. Whether these left-wing talkers realize it or not – their attention elevates him. It makes him a martyr. And all the sudden The Donald is back,” it continues.

Trump’s indeed back, and he’s dominating the dojo: “He says: Look at what the corrupt establishment is doing to me. They’ve done it to you for years. Put me back in the White House and I’ll put an end to this once and for all,” according to McCain.

Even she, a Trump hater, finds the message “compelling.” So do some DeSantis donors who are reportedly fleeing ship for The Donald.

“The Trump team message to DeSantis’ top backers is: Jump ship now and get with the winner. Trump is going to be the GOP nominee. It’s not a tremendous reach. A lot of political commentators are coming to the same conclusion,” McCain’s column notes.

“A recent new Quinnipiac national poll for the 2024 Republican nomination shows support for Trump is surging. 46 percent of registered Republican voters say they’d vote for Trump, while 32 percent go for DeSantis,” it continues.

So what’s the problem? According to McCain, if DeSantis is serious about running for the presidency, then he’s blowing it bigly.

“DeSantis is making mistakes,” she pithily argues.

McCain continues her column by giving the Florida governor some advice, starting with this blockbuster tip: “Declare you are running for president today and reclaim the media’s attention.” In other words, beat Trump at his own game.

“I, like the rest of America, watched Trump suck the oxygen out of the room in the 2016 Republican primary. He pulls in matter like a black hole. All conversations pivot around him. Everyone is forced to respond to him. Orbit him. That attention looks like credibility to voters. He makes his opponents look small. And he can do it again,” McCain writes.

“You’ve straddled the fence for too long as it is, it’s time to jump into this race with both feet, take the liberal media incoming and become the center of attention,” she adds.

The next tip is for DeSantis is for him to not try to emulate Trump, as there can only be one Donald.

As an example of DeSantis emulating the former president, McCain recalled the 180 he recently made about Ukraine.

First DeSantis called the Russia-Ukraine war a “territorial dispute” that’s not in the “vital” U.S. interest. This position was in line with what Trump believes.

The problem is that the minute he was called out about the position, he automatically performed an about-face, thus hurting his credibility and making him look fake.

“You’re trying to be Trump-lite. But like any diet alternative – they don’t taste like the real thing. A copy of an original is still just that – a copy,” McCain writes.

Instead of trying to emulate Trump, she continues, DeSantis should stand on his own accomplishments.

“You created a safe haven for pandemic weary Americans fleeing draconian lockdowns. You kept schools open when other states were closing down. Your pandemic policies kept workers employed when terrified governors across the country where forcing businesses to shut their doors,” McCain’s column reads.

“Even Trump criticized states, like Georgia, for opening too quickly, and praised you for opposing lockdowns when all the dust was settled. And finally, Florida is the place where woke goes to die. It’s the culture war of our times – and you’re on the forefront. Start telling that story and step out of Trump’s shadow,” it continues.

McCain’s last tip is a simple one: “Let us get to know you.”

How? By appearing on a more diverse set of shows.

“You are incredibly shrewd in your news conferences, but most of America only knows you through soundbytes. Bring that energy to Bill Maher on HBO, Dana Bash on CNN or! You cannot become president by only appearing on Fox and Friends,” she writes.

“DeSantis needs to understand that he is not just competing against Trump. He’s competing with Trump in a media circus that favors the former president. He can’t afford to keep waiting in the face of increasing odds against him. To survive in politics, you must recognize that your career is either quick or it’s dead,” she adds.


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