Pelosi snaps at reporter over Covid relief question: ‘people are dying in Ukraine and all of that’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is apparently not one for multitasking, because when asked during a briefing Thursday about the prospect of passing additional COVID funds, she snapped at the reporter for focusing on COVID “while people are dying” in Ukraine.

As previously reported, the federal COVID relief money fund is set to be depleted, and so the White House has been pushing Congress to approve more funding. But these efforts have stalled for various reasons.

During Pelosi’s weekly briefing this Thursday, NBC News’ Jake Sherman asked her whether she intends to take her time passing a relief package. This first time around, she replied normally and without any issue. But when Sherman “circled back” moments later to ask a second question about relief money, she snapped.

“Madam Speaker … I just wanted to dig into that a little bit more on the COVID relief,” the NBC News reporter said.

“This will be your third time,” Pelosi snapped back.

FYI, it was his second time …

“My third time, what, asking about COVID relief?” Sherman responded.

“Yeah,” the Speaker replied.

“Well, it’s substantive. You like substantive questions, so I just want to …,” Sherman fired back.

But before he could finish speaking, Pelosi cut in, saying, “Yeah, well, while people are dying in the Ukraine and all of that, yeah.”

Apparently, she’s not one for multitasking. Twitter critics had some guesses as to why not:

Responding to the Speaker’s remark, Sherman said, “People are dying from COVID too.”

He then asked Pelosi whether she intends to offset any future COVID spending. She said that she does.

While the Speaker maintained a smile throughout this whole exchange, the animosity was evident.

Incidentally, many Twitter critics didn’t appreciate either the animosity or the alleged lack of empathy for COVID sufferers here in the states, especially given that the 2-year COVID pandemic she so flagrantly dismissed in Thursday’s exchange has destroyed countless American lives:

Twitter critics also noted that the only reason there’s a COVID funding crisis right now is because Congress, half of which she oversees as House Speaker, recently made the decision to cut COVID funding and send money to Ukraine instead

“Democratic leaders abruptly abandoned plans for a fresh infusion of $15.6 billion for battling the COVID pandemic on Wednesday, clearing the way for House debate and passage of a vast government spending bill that is anchored by aid for Ukraine and European allies,” as reported by Fortune magazine during the first week of March.

In other words, people like Pelosi chose to prioritize the needs of the foreigners in Ukraine over the needs of the American people.

(*Language warning):

To be fair to the speaker, the majority of Republicans in the House and Senate helped her fund Ukraine at the expense of the American people. In fact, Republicans are now reportedly calling for even more aid to be sent.

Vivek Saxena


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