‘Scandal for Lesley Stahl’: Tables turn on smug hostess who shamed Trump in famous interview

As is often the case, time seems to prove former President Donald Trump is correct in many of the things he has said that were dismissed at the time by the media as being outright lies or off-the-wall conspiracies. One thing is certain, the more the country learns about events that took place, it becomes more and more clear that Trump was railroaded by the political class in Washington, D.C. — a scary concept given that he was a sitting president.

Richard Grenell, who served as Acting Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration, shared video footage of Trump’s 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl that takes on new meaning following a couple of recent revelations.

The most recent being that the New York Times reported Thursday that the emails on Hunters Biden’s abandoned laptop had been authenticated, despite Big Tech and the corporate media censoring the bombshell New York Post reporting on the issues in the runup to the Nov. 2020 election. The second being a report from U.S. Attorney John Durham alleging that a tech executive who had access to White House servers worked with the Clinton campaign, sifting through Trump’s emails to find “derogatory information” on the sitting president.

In effect, it appears that Trump was spied on as he claimed all along, including in the interview with Stahl, who effectively laughed in the face of the complaint, as she did when Trump also said he was “in the midst of a scandal” after the Post report on Hunter Biden’s laptop — the president’s son was clearly trading on his father’s famous name and was allegedly selling access to the then-vice president of the United States, and one of his emails referenced 10 percent of a deal going to the “big guy.”

“Scandal for Lesley Stahl. This is Rather interesting,” Grenell cleverly tweeted, while sharing footage of the 60 Minutes interview:

Seems Trump may have been right about the media as well, as seen in this October 2020 clip where he told a reporter that it was “criminal” that they refused to report on the Hunter laptop story — there was essentially an industry-wide boycott of the Post story.

On that note, Grenell also tweeted: “Hunter Biden’s laptop would have sunk Joe Biden’s election. The DC newsrooms knew it. They covered it up. This is a total crisis for the US media.”

Drew Holden presented a smoking thread Thursday on just how thorough the media was in burying the story ahead of the election, as seen here:

Tom Tillison


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