Planned Parenthood slammed for cartoon promoting puberty blockers to kids: ‘You should be the one to decide’

Kanye West isn’t the first person to call out the origins of Planned Parenthood and founder Margaret Sanger’s favor of eugenics. However, after once covering for their background in population control, the abortion provider has leaned greater public promotion of their historic agenda, and they’re no longer limiting their targets to kids in the womb.

In January, they posted a video online that recently resurfaced when the group Eyes Inside The Classroom (EITC) shared it on social media.

The group, seeking to expose “CRT and queer theory inside the classrooms,” touts “providing receipts,” and they did just that with the short cartoon aimed at convincing kids their “gender identity is real” and “puberty blockers are safe” to take more time to discover who they are.

“There’s no one size fits all puberty experience,” the narrator starts over the animation. “If you’re trans, intersex, or nonbinary, know that you’re not the only one feeling confused.”

Immediately the video conflates the physical abnormalities attributed to those born with the rare intersex condition to ordinary confusion that adolescents go through as their bodies mature.

“For some intersex people, puberty may start later than age fourteen. You might experience some of puberty’s changes and not others. And your body may or may not go through puberty on it’s own. There are medicines you can take to help your body start the process. Like hormone replacement therapy.”

Medical needs are then thrown out the window to promote pharmaceutical intervention, i.e. chemical castration, to a broader audience as engendered by trends on social media and the “inclusivity” of corporations. “Some people decide on hormones or surgeries to help their bodies match up to their gender identity or how they feel inside about themselves.”

“Your gender identity is real,” they claim without caveat before advising those younger than the age of majority that, “ You should be the one to decide what changes you want to make to your body.”

“If you’re transgender or nonbinary, you may find that your puberty experiences don’t line up with your gender identity or how you see yourself. That feeling can be uncomfortable, scary, and stressful,” they describe in language that could apply to nearly every young person. “If that sounds like you, know that you’re not alone.”

Naturally, the solution here is not to seek counseling from a trained professional, and no that doesn’t mean “gender-affirming therapy,” but rather to resort to Big Pharma’s miracle elixir du jour, puberty blockers.

“There are medicines you can take to delay puberty for a while. They’re called puberty blockers. And they work like a stop sign, by holding the hormones testosterone and estrogen that cause puberty changes like facial hair growth and periods. Puberty blockers are safe and can give you more time to figure out what feels right for you, your body, and your gender identity,” the claim. “You don’t have to have all of the answers right now. So remember, it’s all a work in progress. And it may take time to figure out what feels right to you.”

The backlash was extensive and one of the largest points of contention was not only the lack of disclaimers that a pharmaceutical ad would have to include regarding side effects, but the deliberate separation of the child from the family as they encouraged confused kids that “talking to a trusted adult, and a nurse or doctor may help.”



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