Police in Peru fend off mob in arrest of ‘transgender’ schoolgirl, 42, taking photos of girls in restroom

Peruvian police were seen fending off a mob Thursday as they arrested a 42-year-old man alleged to have donned a schoolgirl uniform to take pictures of minors in the institute’s restroom.

Gathered outside the Rosa de América women’s college in Huancayo, Peru, the capital of the South America country’s Junín Region, enraged parents awaited the escort of a suspected predator off the grounds of their children’s school. Flanked by police, a man adorned with long braids, wearing a pink and blue uniform, a backpack and a mask over his face could be seen having his hair violently pulled as throngs expressed their fury.

The Peruvian Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations confirmed the arrest of Walter César Solís Caler, 42, after the subject was “found in the toilets of a school in Huancayo.”

Speaking with Exitosa Noticias, Principal Ernesto Ronald Vilchez Cuadrado, it was explained that the vice principal had grown suspicious when the suspect was seen holding a cell phone, a privilege prohibited to students.

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the braided person in the schoolgirl uniform was not a student, but an adult male whose diminutive stature allowed him to blend in. “We encourage other educational institutions and the corresponding authorities to take this case seriously,” the principal warned.

He elaborated, “We want to prosecute this individual immediately. Unfortunately, we think that it could be a network of people who are taking advantage in similar ways, using masks and hats to enter educational institutions and use the toilets, putting the physical and moral integrity of our students at serious risk.”

According to the Peruvian National Police, Solís has a record of sexual harassment and is being investigated for potential connections to an international pedophile network.

A translation of their report stated, “On the mobile device it was possible to view photographs with uniforms from other schools, which suggest that he would also have entered other educational institutions using the same technique. So far the true intentions of this man is unknown, who according to security cameras entered with all the students in the morning shift…”

Solís is expected to undergo a psychological examination and special prosecutor María Gutiérrez Fernández relayed in part “…we are arranging the pertinent actions, the most immediate to be able to find evidence and elements of conviction that allow us as the Public Ministry to do other actions.”

At least one of the outraged parents was also taken in for questioning after he had allegedly punched a police officer in his effort to get to the suspect. However, Erick Acosta, the commanding officer, suggested leniency as the act was one of impulse due to the severity of the circumstances.

It could not be confirmed whether or not the suspect identified as a “transgender” individual or had merely donned the uniform as a disguise. Protests reportedly continued outside the police station where Solís was being held.

Kevin Haggerty


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