Police union flips, throws support behind GOP challenger who blasts Dem gov over violent crime

The Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police has flipped from voting for the Democrat governor to throwing its support behind the Republican Attorney General who is running to replace him.

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The reason for that change of heart is ostensibly because incumbent Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear has abysmally handled violent crime across the state according to Fox News.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron is going all in to become governor and with the police backing him, he stands a good chance of securing the position although it’s not assured.

Cameron is ensconced in a vital race for conservatives in the state. He gave an interview to Fox News Digital touting the police union endorsing him after backing Beshear in 2019. He asserted that it is due to the “havoc” unleashed by the governor on Kentucky communities because of his approach to violent crime.

“I think the Kentucky state FOP, which is the largest law enforcement organization in the state, has shown great confidence in our campaign and our commitment to standing up for our law enforcement community, which is in contrast with Andy Beshear, who only does it when it is convenient,” Cameron declared.

(Video: Daniel Cameron)

“This governor unleashed havoc on our communities in many ways. Here’s a governor that in 2020 let out 1,700 criminals from jail — and a third of those recommitted offenses in our communities,” Cameron contended, referring to Beshear’s early release of inmates during the pandemic.

The flip from blue to red is a great sign but not unprecedented in the state.

According to Fox News, “In addition to Beshear in 2019, the group also endorsed the Democratic candidate for governor in 2015 and 2007 but switched to the Republican candidate in 2011. The group’s endorsed candidates in 2011 and 2015 were not elected.”

Cameron stated during his interview that law enforcement wanted “leadership in the governor’s office that’s going to back them not only in word but also in deed.”

He asserted that he would put in place policies aimed at recruiting and retaining officers. He would also establish a Kentucky State Police post in Louisville, which is the largest city in the Commonwealth.

In July, Cameron laid out a 12-point public safety plan to combat crime in Kentucky. It included the death penalty for anyone who murders a police officer, reforming the parole board, increased penalties for drug traffickers who are complicit in killing Kentuckians and passing a standalone carjacking statute.

He wants the plan to be a model for other states as well.

“I certainly want Kentucky to lead the nation on a multitude of factors, whether it’s addressing the issue of violent crime or education,” he asserted. “But as it pertains specifically to violent crime, I certainly think that putting money behind our effort, meaning making sure that our law enforcement community knows that they are supported with funding and resources so that morale improves amongst their ranks, so they feel like they’re in a position to do their job effectively.”

“We know from the old adage that if you address the small things, then you can avoid the larger societal issues that arise. And so it is a strong 12-point plan,” Cameron contended.

The attorney general then blasted Beshear and President Biden’s lack of action to stop fentanyl flooding American cities from abroad.

“Beshear hasn’t done anything to address this issue or to push back against the Biden administration that has been inept at controlling and maintaining our southern border. [He] is beholden to the far left and to Joe Biden, and so he cannot speak out on these really big issues that are important to our citizens here in Kentucky,” Cameron claimed.

Nearly 200 law enforcement officials have endorsed Cameron in Kentucky. But some are still falling behind Beshear.

Over 35 law enforcement officials announced their endorsement of Beshear over Cameron in June but the attorney general claims his support “dwarfs” what Beshear has received.

“That new direction is a governor in the form of me that will stand with them, not just when it’s convenient, but will stand with them when times are challenging, when times are good,” Cameron stated. “I’m always going to be there for our law enforcement community because I know at the end of the day, support for our law enforcement community means that we can keep our streets safe of crime and drugs. Andy Beshear doesn’t understand that.”

Beshear’s team clapped back when Fox News reached out for comment.

“Daniel Cameron has refused to take any responsibility for crime as attorney general and helped cover for Matt Bevin’s indefensible pardons for murderers and a child rapist,” Beshear campaign spokesperson Alex Floyd told Fox News in an interview.

“Under Andy Beshear, violent crime rates are down and pay for state troopers is up. Unlike Daniel Cameron’s record of covering for criminals and lying about grand jury proceedings, Andy Beshear actually delivered pay raises for law enforcement – leading to the largest Kentucky State Police recruiting class in years,” he claimed.

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