Police unmask cowardly protesters for the cameras before hauling off to jail!

Anti-Israel protesters at the UCLA campus were unceremoniously cleared out of their makeshift encampments early Thursday morning after ignoring orders to leave.

While the leftists chanted, made speeches and whined about their cause, they sang a different tune as police unmasked those being arrested and hauled off.

“A dispersal order was issued Wednesday evening and by 3:30 a.m. Thursday, CHP officers in riot gear began advancing on the encampment. They then began dismantling and tearing away pieces of plywood, metal barriers and other items that protesters used to fortify it,” KABC reported. “The California Highway Patrol said at least 132 people were arrested. They were detained with zip ties.”

“Police methodically ripped apart the encampment’s barricade of plywood, pallets, metal fences and trash dumpsters and made an opening toward dozens of tents of demonstrators. Police also began to pull down canopies and tents. Demonstrators held umbrellas like shields as they faced off with dozens of officers,” KABC noted.

But as some defiant protesters faced off with police, arrests were made and those hiding behind their masks and scarves were exposed as cameras caught the scene.


In one video clip, the arrested protester did not want to have their mask removed but had no choice. It also seemed the arrestee wanted to keep their face from being photographed.

Social media users applauded the unmasking:

Frieda Powers


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