POTUS barks at media for not covering Bidenomics properly: ‘Start reporting it the right way’

President Joe Biden is accustomed to those in the media who helped elect him president in 2020 reporting on events the “right way,” and he’s anxious for them to return to their old ways.

On  Saturday, Biden was asked outside the White House about his “outlook on the economy next year” and he responded by criticizing the media for its coverage of Bidenomics.

“All good,” the 81-year-old president replied. “Take a look — start reporting it the right way.”

As the 2024 election season starts to heat up, the White House strategy seems to be to convince Americans that the pain they are feeling every time they go shopping is all in their head.

Granted, coming out of two years of pandemic madness there have been some expected gains in 2023. Unemployment is low, inflation is cooling and even gas prices are dropping, but that does not mean that the price of goods has dropped much after last year’s record inflation that topped 9 percent at one point. Just ask anyone who goes grocery shopping.

Biden’s approval rating is in the tank and a big part of that is the American people are not feeling much relief when it comes to the economy, according to Fox News.

“A recent Fox News poll shows only 14% of Americans believe Biden’s economic policies have helped them while nearly half (46%) say his administration has hurt them financially,” the network reported. “The pessimism toward the economy crosses party lines. The Fox News poll showed a whopping 61% of Democrats joining the 93% of Republicans and 85% of independents who say the economy is in bad condition.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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