‘Premature eclapulation?’ Schumer a little too quick on the draw in mock-worthy SOTU moment

The award for most awkward moment during the State of the Union address doesn’t go to President Joe Biden, but Senator Chuck Schumer, D-New York, who almost had an extremely embarrassing bout of premature celebration.

Instead, it was just a regular bout of embarrassing premature celebration, when he hesitantly stood, appearing to realize about halfway through that this was not a “standing ovation moment.” He stood and had his hands poised to clap before noticing that he was on his own – and that Biden was still talking. Smiling like a kid whose parents just bought a candy store, he turns his head toward his colleague, gives a nod, and re-takes his seat. Moments later the chamber receives its cue and everyone stands and claps.

It was nothing if not cringeworthy.


One commenter called back to a Saturday Night Live bit that this situation reminded them of:

Twitter response was swift:

Sierra Marlee


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