Prickly Pence rips ‘unacceptable’ Trump remarks on J6 ‘hostages’

Former Vice President Mike Pence rejected presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump’s use of the word “hostages” to refer to the Biden regime’s political prisoners.

Few are more invested in the official J6 narrative than the former veep who is a central figure in what went down on the fateful day in the nation’s history, one that Trump’s enemies have used as a pretense to destroy him and his supporters, some of whom are currently rotting in jail on trumped-up charges.

During a speech at a campaign rally, Trump described the J6 prisoners as “unbelievable patriots” and “hostages” who he told an Ohio crowd were being mistreated by the federal government, remarks that greatly perturbed the prickly Pence when he was confronted with them on Sunday’s edition of “Face the Nation” on CBS.

“I know in the past you’ve said Mr. Trump’s reckless words endangered you and your family on that day. What do you think when you hear him refer to those people facing as hostages and patriots?” Margaret Brennan asked.

“Well I think it’s very unfortunate at a time that there are American hostages being held in Gaza that the president or any other leaders would refer to people that are moving through our our justice system as hostages, and it’s just, it’s just unacceptable,” Pence responded, declining to comment on how the so-called “justice system” has been weaponized for political purposes.

“I was there on January 6,” the ex-veep added, emphasizing his presence. “I have no doubt in my mind Margaret that some people were caught up in the moment and that entered the Capitol and they’re certainly entitled to due process of law for any non-violent activities that day.”

“But the assaults on police officers, ultimately an environment that claimed lives is something that I think was tragic that day and I’ll never diminish it,” he added, not bothering to mention that the life claimed was that of Ashli Babbitt, a female military veteran and Trump supporter who was gunned down in cold blood by a black Capitol cop who has been treated like a hero.

“You see this spirit from the hostages?” Trump asked the crowd at the Saturday rally in Dayton, Ohio. “And that’s what they are is hostages. They’ve been treated terribly and very unfairly, and you know that, and everybody knows that and we’re going to be working on that soon. “

“The first day we get into office, we’re going to save our country, and we’re going to work with the people to treat those unbelievable patriots, and they were unbelievable patriots…,” he added.

“It should come as no surprise that I will not be endorsing Donald Trump this year,” Pence announced during a recent appearance on Fox News, not exactly a shock considering how he’s spent nearly four years publicly stabbing his ex-boss in the back.

Chris Donaldson


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