Pro-abolish-the-police NPR correspondent slammed ‘racist public’ who call 911. And they wonder why there’s layoffs?

A leftist who works for NPR wants America’s police system to be completely abolished because it’s allegedly inherently racist.

Gene Demby is his name, and he produces content for NPR’s oddly race-obsessed “Black Truths” segment.

(Video Credit: NPR)

During one segment, he spuriously claimed America is “a country that’s built and defined by white supremacy,” according to Fox News. But his most extreme views have been saved for the social media platform X.

“Abolition means *no* policing because policing is an inherently destructive force,” he wrote on X in a June 2020 post.

In fairness, he published the post right around the time of Minneapolis criminal George Floyd’s death in police custody.

In additional posts, he stressed that there’s a big difference between police reform and police abolition, the latter of which he supports.

“‘Reform’ is different from abolition because it’s based on the idea that policing should exist, but simply modified – with more diverse police forces, with diff[erent] training, etc.,” he explained. “But none of that interrupts the imperatives of policing.”

“There are people pushing for defunding [because] it rolls back policing and other people pushing for defunding [because] that’s the practical way to abolition. [The movement] IS abolish the police,” he added.

In his most stunning post, he claimed the police serve very little “vital function” in society. FYI, polling has shown that even a large majority of his fellow blacks believe in and support the police.

“The police don’t solve violent crimes effectively,” he tweeted. “They don’t prevent crimes. They don’t de-escalate situations, and they put people in contact with the criminal justice system for being poor. How are they helpful? what vital function do they serve besides social control”

“Every time the police have contact with Black people during some bulls–t traffic stop or some jumpy gentrifier calls 911, the prospect of state violence — up to and including deadly force — is on the table. The most direct way to keep black folks from being killed by cops is to stop those unnecessary encounters. It takes off the table the bias in police imperatives, among individual officers, and among a racist public who use 911 like a customer service hotline.”

Notice his rush to label anybody who calls 911 on a black suspect “racist.”

According to Fox News, some of these views made it into Demby’s written work for NPR, where he’s still currently employed.

“Demby leads NPR’s Code Switch podcast team, which proclaims to be ‘the fearless conversations about race that you’ve been waiting for,’ according to its website,” Fox News notes. “At NPR, he publishes stories on ‘whiteness’ and ‘Imagining A World Without Prison.'”

All this comes as no surprise, as NPR has long been a hotbed of left-wing extremism. The network came face-to-face with this fact last year when it tried to lay off employees after a huge shortfall had the company careening toward bankruptcy.

“Last week, NPR laid off 84 people and stopped production on four seasonal podcasts, including Invisibilia, Louder Than a Riot, and Rough Translation. The company warned in February those cuts would be coming after it projected a $30 million sponsorship shortfall this year,” Bloomberg reported at the time.

Following the cuts, the “Louder Than a Riot” podcast took to Twitter to complain that all of the podcast staffers who were fired were minorities or LGBT members.

“[T]he majority impacted in these layoffs were queer, poc staff & programs,” the show tweeted on March 23rd, trying to suggest there was racism behind the decision.

Vivek Saxena


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