Pro-Hamas miscreants vandalize Lincoln Memorial

One of America’s most cherished monuments was forced to temporarily close after pro-Hamas miscreants defaced the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Cleanup crews were on the scene early Wednesday morning for the job of scrubbing off the words “FREE GAZA,” “FREE PALESTINE” and “LAND BACK” that had been written in blood-red paint on the steps leading up to the temple-style memorial built in honor of the nation’s 16th president, the man who ended slavery.

“Vandalism was discovered in the area of Lincoln Memorial Circle and the Reflecting Pool,” United States Park Police said in a statement.

“National Park Service conservators have begun the process of removing the paint this morning, though it may take multiple treatments over several days to remove all of it,” the police added in the statement, according to Fox News. “The steps on the west side of the Reflecting Pool are closed to visitors while the conservation work takes place.”

The vandalism also extended to other parts of the monument which is one of D.C.’s most popular tourist attractions with the closure ruining the vacations of those who chose this week to visit.

(Video: YouTube/FOX 5 Washington DC)

The malicious act comes as anti-Israel protests continue to take place across the nation with intense pressure being applied on President Joe Biden to force Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call off the dogs in Gaza before the Hamas terror organization has been completely eradicated.

X users took to the platform formerly known as Twitter to react to the defacing of the Lincoln Memorial with propaganda sympathetic to the terrorists who slaughtered Israeli women, children, and babies – many in their own homes – and took hostages back to Gaza with them after the October 7 sneak attack on the Jewish nation.

Last year the Washington Post reported that according to “newly released government documents” a 2020 town hall held at the Lincoln Memorial by former President Donald J. Trump resulted in damages that included “scratches and gouges” on the pink marble floors.

Similar outrage over the pro-Hamas vandals is unlikely to be expressed by the once-esteemed newspaper which some have tabbed “Pravda on the Potomac” in a reference to the infamous Soviet propaganda outlet.

“‘…as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.’ Beneath these words, the 16th president of the United States sits immortalized in marble as an enduring symbol of unity, strength, and wisdom,” the National Park Service states on its website.

Chris Donaldson


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