Pro-Hamas thug who defaced NYC war memorial, arrested turned in by his own dad

A 16-year-old pro-Palestine protester who defaced a New York City World War I memorial earlier this week has been arrested with a big assist from the young vandal’s dad.

The despicable act took place during an attempted disruption of the glitzy Met Gala when police herded hundreds of troublemakers into Central Park where some decided that desecrating the nearly hundred-year-old 107th Infantry Memorial was in alignment with their cause.

The suspect was arrested and charged with third-degree criminal mischief which is a felony and a making graffiti misdemeanor. Police sources told the New York Post that the teenager’s father turned him in, a rare instance of parental control with the young Hamas bots who have taken to streets and college campuses to protest against Israel.

(Video: YouTube/CBS New York)

“The despicable vandalism we saw earlier this week on the WWI Memorial will not be ignored, and will not go unpunished. One of the culprits was placed in handcuffs today thanks to the World’s Greatest Detectives. This isn’t simply juvenile hijinks- it’s an act of desecration that undermines the freedoms our heroes fought and died for,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry said in a post to X, sharing a blurred picture of the suspect.

The monument was covered with graffiti and a U.S. flag was burned at its base, showing that the stated purpose of the protests may be Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza, but they really have a strong hatred of America at their heart, something that is preached by leftist college professors and condoned by university administrators.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was so appalled over the targeting of the memorial that he put up $5,000 of his own money toward a $10,000 New York Crimestoppers reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved.

“The 107th United States Infantry memorial in Central Park is a symbol of the freedoms so many fought and died for — the same freedoms many are abusing with cowardly acts of vandalism,” Hizzoner wrote in a post to X. “We cannot allow these symbols to be desecrated by some in our city wanting to cause chaos and disorder.”

“I am proud to give $5,000 of my own money — in addition to $10,000 from @NYPDTips — for the arrest and convictions of the individuals involved and send a strong message that we won’t stand for this vandalism,” Adams said.

The suspect is reportedly a regular at protests by Within Our Lifetime, a militant anti-Israel group that promotes the Palestinian cause and is demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

The incident took place during the organization’s declared “Day of Rage” which just happened to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“These people are just nuts and violent,” one longtime neighborhood resident told the New York Post.

“Burning the flag is anti-American. It’s stupid,” said Michael Skol. “It definitively doesn’t help Palestinians or the peace process. These are people who are not in the tradition of believing America is a good place. It’s disgusting.”

“It’s horrible to treat a World War I memorial the way they did. It breaks your heart,” 50-year-old Ron Zucher told the outlet. “In this country, you have a right to voice your opinion, but not destroy memorials that pay tribute to heroes who died for our country.”

Chris Donaldson


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