Professor reveals how anti-Israel ‘death cult ideology’ took root: ‘People need to recognize the hatred’

Anti-Israel protests by students on college campuses are a “dead end for society” according to a professor at Cornell University.

As pro-Palestine demonstrations escalate across college campuses and elsewhere, the accompanying antisemitism has made for sometimes violent behavior by young adults who are purportedly in pursuit of academic degrees.

While it seems the outpouring of protests was ignited by the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel in October, Professor William Jacobson believes the sentiments have been brewing under the radar for some time.

“This is not a peace movement. This is not ‘let everybody live,’ you know, let bygones be bygones. This is an uncompromising, rejectionist ideology that rejects the existence of a Jewish state in the Middle East,” he told Fox News Digital.

“And that is their goal. Tear it down. Intifada, revolution. That is their only solution in their own words. And I think people need to listen to them when they tell you they want an intifada. Believe them,” he added.

The Cornell Law School professor said he has warned about the radicalization of students and believes the current atmosphere on campuses is no accident.

“I’ve spoken out against it before, and I’ve called on the administration to stop the radicalization and their very aggressive anti-racism program, which demonizes people based on their ethnicity and their race and inevitably leads to Jews being targeted. So, this has been building, and the fact that students are now bold enough in the main quad of campus, large groups of students to chant, ‘There is only one solution. Intifada or revolution.’ It’s really creepy,” Jacobson said.

He called out the “very tepid” response by university administrators at Cornell and other institutions.

“Their worst instincts, their demands for violence, their genocidal calls have been unleashed, and the administration has been very tepid in the way it has responded, not only at Cornell, but we see it at Columbia. And that tepid response has led to increased, vitriolic chants on campus. People march through buildings with bullhorns,” Jacobson said.

“The administration tells them not to do it, and they do it anyway. So, there really is a problem on Cornell’s campus and other campuses with an emboldened, aggressive anti-Israel movement that seeks to intimidate people,” the law professor added.

“The only question is, when are they going to cross the line? When is the rhetoric, the cult-like chanting, going to turn into action? And that’s what I think we have to be concerned about,” he said.

Jacobson contends that students and some faculty have finally removed the masks and the true colors are now visible to all.

“So, I’m in favor of people telling us how they really feel. I don’t want to suppress that. I don’t want to drive that underground. I want the whole world to see what we are up against, not just the Jewish people. And not just Israel. And not just the Cornell campus. But really the United States. See what we are up against,” Jacobson told Fox News Digital.

“This is a death cult ideology. It’s a destructive ideology. It is a dead end for society, and it is flourishing among a component of the campuses. Again, not the entirety of the campus, not the majority of the campus, but the very, very vocal minority on the campus.”

“I think when we look at that video of the chants for an end to intifada as the only solution, I think in many ways that was Cornell’s Charlottesville moment. People need to recognize the hatred that is underneath the supposed peace movement. And it’s something that we need to talk about, and the school needs to address, and the school needs to come to grips with,” Jacobson said.

Frieda Powers


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