Ramaswamy says he would take inspiration from Elon Musk if elected: ‘I’ll release the state action files’

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy touched on his Elon Musk-styled plans to “put a big X through the administrative state” with his own version of the “Twitter Files.”

(Video: Fox News)

If the polls are any indicator, the 38-year-old presidential hopeful is growing a following amongst Republican voters as his name recognition builds. Friday on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” he articulated one of his intentions if he was to take office, directly inspired by Musk’s social media platform management.

“Look, I think Elon is an excellent example of — what he did at Twitter is a good example of what I want to do to the administrative state,” Ramaswamy offered.

“Take out 75 percent of the dead weight cost, improve the actual experience of what it’s supposed to do. And at the same time,” the businessman continued, “I love the way he released the ‘Twitter Files.’ I’ll release the ‘State Action Files.'”

Upon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, now known as X, the billionaire entrepreneur had provided certain journalists with access to internal documents, exposing ties between Big Tech and the federal government that facilitated suppression and censorship of certain stories like that of Hunter Biden’s laptop and those related to adverse reactions from COVID shots.

Those files have since inspired ongoing investigations in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the release of the “Facebook Files” that have continued to expose apparent collusion.

“Any time a bureaucrat has pressured a private company, let’s publish it for the world to see. And he put an X through Twitter? I’ll put a big X through the administrative state. So, that’s where I’m at on common tactics with Elon,” continued Ramaswamy.

Prompting the candidate, host Laura Ingraham had noted, “Well, you just got a lot of kudos online from Elon Musk, who seems to be, perhaps, moving away, maybe, from DeSantis and toward you.”

To that end, the tech entrepreneur has reacted to a number of recent posts from the GOP hopeful, including a Thursday speech from Des Moines, Iowa where Ramaswamy had offered a list of 10 beliefs he described as “Truth.”

Musk had shared the post that included a portion of the candidate’s speech where he had said, “God is real” and “There are two genders,” with the caption, “He states his beliefs clearly.”

During that presentation, Ramaswamy also stated his promise of a “75 percent headcount reduction of employees in Washington, D.C. in my first term.”

While Musk’s comment on that speech was seemingly innocuous, hours earlier the SpaceX and Tesla CEO had reacted to the one-on-one interview Tucker Carlson had with the businessman and said, “He is a very promising candidate.”

During that discussion, Ramaswamy said at one point, “Personally, I think the way I’m running this campaign is I’m not thinking about what is helping me or not before I say it, so far that seems to be helping me. But even if I were, I would rather lose an election than play some political snakes-and-ladders of what we’re supposed to say.”

“That’s really one of the questions at issue today, as it was in 1776,” he continued. “Do we believe that the public can be trusted with the truth?”

Kevin Haggerty


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