Rashida Tlaib melts down over censure of fellow ‘Squad’ member because of course it’s racist

U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) became the latest Democrat to be formally rebuked when his colleagues voted to censure him over disrupting Congress by setting off a fire alarm, and his fellow “Squad” member melted down in yet another unseemly tantrum on the House floor.

On Thursday, the hot-tempered congressman was punished for his stunt that took place in late September, temporarily shutting down frantic efforts to keep the federal government funded in a bipartisan 214-191 vote that came the day after Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) introduced a privileged resolution, forcing a rapid vote that put Bowman in the company of Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) who were similarly censured.

Tlaib, who was punished for her antisemitic rhetoric, raged over the censure, insisting that Bowman was being targeted because he’s black and spewing the unhinged conspiracy theory that the vote was intended to distract from the “genocide” in Gaza where her Hamas terrorist friends are getting wiped out by Israel.

“This censure of @RepBowman is yet another attempt to silence a person of color in this chamber,” the Jew-hating firebomber posted to X along with a clip of her crazed diatribe. “They are obsessed with attacking Black and brown members of Congress, but do nothing to help our families thrive. They need to get a grip.”

“Y’all so desperate, so desperate to distract from the fact that you all have nothing, nothing to improve the lives of the American people or end the ongoing genocide,” Tlaib raved. “So now you’re trying to shift the focus by baselessly attacking Rep. Bowman to score cheap political points.”

“Comparing him to the white supremacists on January 6th who were smashing windows in the Capitol, y’all,” she continued, her voice beginning to crack. “And screaming ‘Hang Mike Pence,'” she said of the former veep who’s become something of a mascot to Democrats.

“Give me a break! Your inability to govern is so obvious to the American people. Y’all can’t even find enough Republicans to vote to pass a budget or even keep a speaker,” she continued.

“This is yet another attempt to silence a person of color in this chamber,” Tlaib shouted, throwing down the always-trusty race card. “We all see it! This is all about the fact that Representative Bowman calls out your hypocrisy. Leave him alone! Get a grip! Do something that will actually improve the lives of the American people that you represent. Vote no on this cheap political stunt!”

X users called out the shrill antisemite’s shameless race-baiting.

“It’s painfully obvious to myself, my colleagues and the American people that the Republican Party is deeply unserious and unable to legislate,” Bowman said in defense of himself. “Their censure resolution against me today continues to demonstrate their inability to govern and serve the American people.”

Chris Donaldson


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