REAL women rise up to confront Bud Light’s embrace of ‘365 days of ‘girlhood’: ‘Where’s my sponsorship?’

Are women finally fighting back? With the transgender movement all but erasing women, minimizing their value to the point where corporate America feels perfectly comfortable having a man with a penis who makes a mockery of being a woman push menstrual products and sports bras, women have been strangely quiet.

Until now.

Playing on what may prove to be the greatest marketing blunder in modern history, which is Bud Light’s decision to hitch its wagon to TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney as he celebrates “365 days of girlhood,” women took to Twitter on Tuesday to celebrate being REAL women.

One such example was seen from a social media account under the name The REAL Politically Savvy: “Today, I celebrate 15,330 days of being a woman. I’ve been pregnant 2 times (lost my 1st baby due to my below mentioned medical conditions) and gave birth to a beautiful biological baby girl that came out of my womb. I’ve had to battle polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and adenomyosis my whole life, had to endure 8 surgeries to attempt to correct my female reproductive conditions, but ultimately had to have a hysterectomy 287 days after I gave birth to my daughter because my body had been put through so much… No man can say he has done these things because You cannot change your gender.”

Inspired by the message, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., tweeted: “Today, I celebrate 13,262 days of being a woman. I’ve been pregnant five times (miscarried in 2012) and gave birth to four incredible boys that came out of my womb. Any day now, one of those boys will make me a grandmother. Womanhood is so much more than just dressing up in makeup and a skirt for internet videos.”

Similar responses poured in, far too many to document but here are but a few examples of women noting the joys and sacrifices that are exclusive to females alone — a beautiful sight to behold:

On the flip side, a welcome change of pace can be seen here — men celebrating their proper role as men:

Tom Tillison


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