Rep Pressley during FDIC alleged sexual harassment hearing: ‘I am so tired of white men failing up’

U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley delivered an offensive message accusing “white men” of “failing up” during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing Wednesday, the Massachusetts Democrat blasted the leadership of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Chair Martin Gruenberg, “specifically for failing to address reported persistent and widespread sexual harassment at the agency,” according to a press release from her office.

In her reactions to the sexual harassment and abuse claims, the Squad member took out her frustrations only on “white men.”

“I had initially planned to spend this time discussing regulations and requesting updates from Chair Gruenberg on the timeline for finalizing rules that stabilize our financial system,” the congresswoman said.

“However, after reading the recent report into the FDIC’s workplace, the public needs answers on the toxic culture of racial discrimination and misogyny that has taken root and festered at the FDIC,” she continued, telling Gruenberg, “you have failed your staff, people of every walk of life, but especially women employees.”

“The report detailed hundreds of women who experienced harassment with no recourse,” she said. “For over a decade, the FDIC under your leadership, and your predecessors ignored them.”

“According to the FDIC’s own reporting more than 80% of harassment complaints resulted in zero discipline. And when there were repercussions, not a single one resulted in removal, reductions in grade or pay, or any discipline more serious than a temporary suspension,” said Pressley, herself a survivor of sexual violence.

“I am so tired of white men failing up. This lack of accountability is a shameful, inadequate, and deeply unsatisfactory and it is retraumatizing,” she declared.

And while many would have agreed with the criticism of the agency for its handling of the crisis, many social media users were disgusted with Pressley’s blatant racism.

Frieda Powers


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