Report of ‘hidden room’ at Mar-a-Lago leaked to media, could another raid be coming?

Special counsel Jack Smith has suffered a series of setbacks that knocked his legal lynching of former President Donald J. Trump off schedule, but a conveniently timed leak to the media could be bad news for the GOP frontrunner.

According to an ABC News report, there’s a “hidden room” at Mar-a-Lago that evaded the scrutiny of the federal goon squad that stormed the historic South Florida location in August 2022, confiscating a cache of documents that have served as the basis for one of Smith’s two trials against Trump.

Citing the usual anonymous sources who could be someone on Smith’s team – or even the prosecutor himself for all anyone knows – ABC News cites testimony from “witnesses” about an alleged secret room that evaded the scrutiny of FBI agents during their unprecedented raid.

“As described to ABC News, the line of questioning in several interviews ahead of Trump’s indictment last year on classified document charges suggests that — long after the FBI seized dozens of boxes and more than 100 documents marked classified from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate — Smith’s team was trying to determine if there might still be more classified documents there,” the outlet reported.

The unnamed sources state that “some investigators involved in the case came to later believe that the closet, which was locked on the day of the search, should have been opened and checked,” and for added intrigue, they supposedly learned that Trump “allegedly had the closet’s lock changed,” a juicy detail guaranteed to elicit suspicion that something sinister was afoot.

Not only was the closet not searched by agents but neither was a “hidden room” that was “connected” to the target’s bedroom, the sources claimed.

It’s a story that some may find hard to swallow considering the determination of the Biden regime to get Trump and, for many, a serious suspension of disbelief would be necessary to think that they would have passed up the two rooms.

A former federal prosecutor and Justice Department official described the FBI’s alleged missing of the closet as “a bit astonishing.”

“You’re searching a former president’s house. You [should] get it right the first time,” Jordan Strauss told the outlet.

MSNBC’s Andrew Weissmann, an even more underhanded prosecutor than Smith during his time with the government, did his part to build the buzz, speculating that an “insider” has flipped against Trump.

The story is notable for its suspicious timing, coming on a day when the news broke that Smith’s big D.C. show trial on trumped-up charges that the ex-POTUS incited an “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, has been indefinitely delayed as an appeals court mulls the question of presidential immunity.

On Friday, Obama-appointed D.C. Judge Tanya Chutkan formally vacated the trial date set to open on March 4, the day before Super Tuesday, stating that “the court will “set a new schedule if and when the mandate is returned.”

While Smith’s kangaroo court proceedings are now stalled, the ABC News report is likely to grab headlines as its signal gets boosted in the establishment echo chamber, almost certainly spurring calls for another raid on the premises.

With Trump steamrolling his way to the Republican nomination and possibly the White House, does the regime dare to dial up another home invasion?

Nearly half of Americans thought that the FBI acts as Joe Biden’s “personal Gestapo” according to a 2022 Rasmussen poll. The numbers are probably much higher now and would further spike if the feds storm Mar-a-Lago again in an election year.

Chris Donaldson


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