Republicans roar back when Biden called critics of big spending ‘fiscally demented’

Government spending is out of control but according to President Joe Biden, the problem is with those who criticize the endless flow of cash.

Republicans who have blasted the president for the exorbitant amount of spending that has occurred under his administration may have been shocked when Biden tried to turn things around on them. However, that’s not stopping them from speaking out to Fox News.

“Democrats DUMPED a 4,000 pg, $1.7T Omnibus bill on us at the LAST MINUTE It allocated $400M to secure the border for 7 countries in the Middle East & refused to allow a cent to be spent on our OWN border Yet [Biden] calls us ‘fiscally demented.’ He sounds utterly ridiculous!” Representative Byron Donalds, R-Fla. wrote in a tweet slamming the president’s desperate attempt to deflect blame.

Senator Katie Britt, R-Ala., blasted the president as well, pointing out all of the problems America is facing under his leadership.

“He’s hired 87,000 new IRS agents, while leaving our Border Patrol agents short-handed to deal with the unprecedented national security and humanitarian crisis he caused at the border,” she said. “And he’s turned to just about every foreign adversary possible instead of unleashing American energy independence.”

“Meanwhile, Republicans want to keep more money in hardworking families’ pockets, make life more affordable, not leave our children and our children’s children with a crippling national debt, secure the border, safeguard our communities from violent crime and the fentanyl epidemic, protect parental rights, and ensure our military is the best equipped, resourced, and trained in the world to keep our service members safe and our nation strong,” Britt continued, adding, “I’m confident that the American people know which of these agendas is radical and which is simply good common sense.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., wasn’t having it either.

“President Biden took office, prices have risen 13.7%, inflation has been above 6% for 15 consecutive months, and the U.S. debt has reached over $30 trillion for the first time in history,” she pointed out. “Despite what the President claims, the Democrats’ reckless spending will add $4.8 trillion in new deficit spending over the next 10 years,”

“If wanting a balanced budget is ‘fiscally demented,’ I’m not sure what you would call the economic devastation under President Biden’s leadership,” Blackburn snarked.

Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson was shocked at the president’s audacity while noting that the GOP is working to help the American people.

“Attacking Republicans, calling us ‘fiscally demented’ while Washington Democrats spent at historic levels during the Biden administration to fund their Green New Deal and other liberal priorities is hypocritical,” he said. “The new Republican House majority is dedicated to improving the lives of the American people by lowering taxes, balancing the budget, and working to get our country out of debt. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is dead set on putting America LAST!”


Sierra Marlee


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