Residents in Denver suburb revolt over sanctuary city rumors

Concerned residents of a Colorado city who aren’t down with the idea that they could soon be overrun with illegal aliens like nearby Denver angrily expressed themselves during an emergency meeting to address rumors that they could soon live in a sanctuary city.

On Tuesday, the Lakewood Concerned Citizens group hosted the town hall that drew hundreds who turned out to oppose alleged plans by city officials to lend a helping hand to the Mile High City with the new arrivals who have swarmed into Denver where they have strained resources to the point where limits have recently been imposed on the time that the impoverished foreigners can stay in local shelters.

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“With Denver shelters and overflow facilities now at capacity, the City of Denver is looking to transport thousands of migrants into the City of Lakewood,” read a flyer encouraging attendance at the meeting. “The Lakewood Mayor and City Council are actively discussing designating Lakewood as a “sanctuary city” and housing migrants in the vacant Jeffco Public Schools facilities in our city.”

“I would like to make it very clear that City Council has never, in my time sitting on council, has never had a conversation around becoming a sanctuary city,” Lakewood’s Mayor Wendi Strom told Fox 31 Denver, denying that there are such plans.

“It’s absolutely true that City Council is not discussing anything using the word sanctuary. They use words like good neighbor, welcoming, inclusive, supporting, sheltering,” said Karen Morgan, a citizen who spoke at the meeting. “Well, one definition of a sanctuary is the condition of being protected or comforted. Synonym: shelter.”

“Why why did our city manager go to the city of Denver to see how they can help, how is Lakewood going to help the city of Denver with this migrant issue?” asked former Lakewood City Council member Mary Janssen.

“I have met with my city manager, who was in the meeting, and there was not a request for Lakewood to house migrants at all,” said Mayor Strom. “This has created a lot of frustration and anger in our community that is not necessary. We are not making these big sweeping changes. And these would be changes that we would bring to the public if that was something that we were going to do. But that’s not happening.”

The meeting comes as Denver is in crisis mode with the city’s hospital system so overwhelmed by the new arrivals that it’s reportedly on the verge of collapse and some migrants are being tossed out of shelters that are overflowing.

(Video: Fox 31)

As is typically the case when inconvenient questions begin to be asked about the left-wing agenda, the idea that Lakewood could soon become an actual sanctuary city was dismissed as misinformation.

“The only action City Council has taken during its January meetings has been to direct the city manager to meet with the City of Denver’s staff as quickly as possible to better understand the migrant crisis, its impacts and the needs as well as possible options for Lakewood to work with Denver on this crisis in the spirit of ‘being a good neighbor,’” the city said in a statement.

“That is not a conversation that we have had,” Strom insisted. “We are not discussing it. We will not be voting on becoming a sanctuary city.”

Chris Donaldson


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