RFK Jr. says Woody Harrelson ‘kind of off the grid,’ may be unaware of dustup over ‘Kennedy 2024’ cap

Legendary actor Woody Harrelson is facing potential cancellation for wearing a “Kennedy 2024” hat while posing with Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s spouse, Cheryl Hines, but there’s a catch.

The drama started on Thursday when Hines posted an Instagram photo of her posing with Harrelson.



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In response, establishment leftists on Twitter immediately started screeching and hollering, because God forbid a Hollywood actor endorse someone they dislike.

“Woody Harrelson just canceled himself,” radical left-wing activist Angela Belcamino tweeted.

Others quickly followed suit.


As noted earlier, there’s a catch: Harrelson may very well not know or care that he’s facing cancellation.

“I’ve texted with him. You know, he’s very hard to get a hold of. He’s been a friend for many, many years. He’s very close to me and Cheryl,” RFK told Fox News on Saturday.

“One thing is he doesn’t like cell phones. It’s conceivable that he does not know about all of the controversy. He doesn’t watch TV. He doesn’t have his cell phone and he’s kind of off the grid,” he added.

In other words, Harrelson is essentially immune from cancellation, because you can’t really cancel someone who doesn’t care if they’re cancelled.

Nice try though, establishment leftists!

But why do they hate him so much? Because he’s critical of President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s agenda. He’s also a dissenter who’s willing to voice controversial opinions that belie the status quo consensus.

For example, RFK has been willing to question the efficacy and safety of the coronavirus vaccine. He’s also been willing to acknowledge that some people have suffered vaccine injuries because of it. In other words, he’s been totally open, transparent, and honest.

Plus, because he’s a thorn in Biden’s side, he’s become an enemy of the media, meaning the media constantly publish hit pieces on him to enrage the Democrat Party base.

One hit piece published by the Associated Press late last month even slammed him for associating with right-wing figures like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, because God forbid anyone do that either. The hit piece also tore into him for supporting Bitcoin.

“He has said he wants to ‘reclaim’ the Democratic Party while aligning himself with far-right figures who have worked to subvert American democracy. He touts his credentials as an environmentalist, yet pushes bitcoin — a cryptocurrency that requires massive amounts of electricity from supercomputers to generate new coins, prompting most environmental advocates to loudly oppose it,” the piece reads.

And the hit piece even hit him below the belt regarding family: “And though he peppers his speeches, podcast appearances and campaign materials with invocations of the Democratic Party legacies of his uncle President John F. Kennedy and his father, Robert F. Kennedy, his relatives have distanced themselves from him and even denounced him.”

Not surprisingly, the piece worked wonders in ginning up the base:

It’s not clear why establishment Democrats are even concerned about RFK given that the Democrat National Committee isn’t allowing RFK or any other candidate to debate Biden. The point is that Biden will most likely be the nominee regardless of RFK …

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