Riley Gaines and woke-free beer company join forces to launch ‘Real Woman of America’ calendar

The beer company that confronted the woke nonsense of Bud Light’s promotion of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney announced it is teaming up with Riley Gaines to launch a new product.

The “Real Women of America” 2024 calendar will “specifically showcase the most beautiful conservative women in America,” according to  Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer. The calendar is “aimed at defeating wokeism” in women’s sports as reports continue of biological men taking top prizes in various contests by competing as transgender women.

Few have been as vocal an advocate for women’s sports as Gaines, the former member of the University of Kentucky NCAA swim team. And the ‘woke-free’ beer company is uniting with Gaines in releasing the “Real Women of America” calendar.

“Real Women of America” 2024 calendar. (Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer)

“Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America Calendar is a celebration of conservative women who are fighting woke extremist to preserve real women,” the website says in describing the product, adding that “10% of sales will be donated to the Riley Gaines Center to protect womens sports from extreme leftist idology seeking to destroy real women.”

The limited-edition calendar, which is “100% MADE IN AMERICA!” is available for purchase on the company’s website and includes months featuring images of conservative women, including Gaines, Dana Loesch, Kim Klacik, Sara Gonzales, and Peyton Drew.

“Look for fun non-woke messages throughout the calendar!” the site says.

“Real Women of America” 2024 calendar. (Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer)

“This calendar is in no way intended to discredit transwomen… because there is no such thing as a ‘transwoman,'” Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer CEO Seth Weathers told Fox Business.

“We’ve reached incredibly stupid times when it’s ‘controversial’ to say men can’t be women,” he added. “This calendar will serve as a reminder, men can never replace the beautiful women of America.”

During a Tuesday House Oversight Subcommittee hearing, Gaines delivered an impassioned speech on barring men from women’s sports and made headlines with her shot back at a Democrat who accused her of hostility toward transgenders.

Ultra Right Beer, which is promoted as being “100% woke free,” took off in the wake of the Bud Light- Mulvaney fiasco, naturally sparking some tantrums and backlash from the left. But, as the company noted at the time, “Conservatives: We only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow up Big Corporate’s hold on us. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”

The calendar’s release comes just in time for the holiday gift-giving season and many on social media seemed to be ready to shop.

“Beer companies used to be about great beer, American patriotism, fun, fast cars, and beautiful real women,” Weathers said. “We’re bringing back all these things, but better than ever.”

Frieda Powers


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