RING footage shows man chat with brother then gun him down, torches home before police take him out

A California man named Jeffrey Roberts reportedly visited his brother Scott Roberts in Ogden, Utah, waiting for him to answer the door and then pulling a gun and shooting him repeatedly until he was dead minutes before police arrived on the scene, taking him out in a hail of gunfire.

The shocking RING video showed the utter callousness and brutality of Roberts, 66, who was obviously intent on murdering his sibling who was 65. He also shot his sister-in-law, Jodi Roberts before he set their home on fire using flares.

Police told the Daily Mail in a statement that the shooting was linked to a “family issue” but the full motive is still under investigation.

Roberts reportedly drove 750 miles from Long Beach, California to kill his brother. After dispatching him, he fired on the police who rushed the home in what appeared to be a death wish. He followed his brother into the grave almost immediately.

(Video Credit: Daily Mail)

The Weber County Attorney released footage of the murder to the public. It included Roberts ringing the doorbell and conversing with his brother before killing him. It also included police bodycam footage that showed how the incident played out on April 27.

The daughter of the slain brother, Kelsey Turner, said during a fundraiser that her uncle was estranged from his brother.

“My mom is alive because my dad fought my uncle and told my mom to run. Knowing that my dad died a hero is bringing us a small bit of comfort,” Turner commented. “Because of the fire, my mom has been left with no clothes or personal items. We will be able to recover some things from the house but have been told most of the house was destroyed.”

One of the things that made the video so disturbing was how calmly Roberts walked up to the door and spoke with his brother. It happened at about 7:11 pm, interrupting the brother as he was eating dinner with his wife. He told his brother he “came by to see mom” before pulling his gun from his hoodie and opening fire into the home.

Source: Weber County Investigators

Shouting can be heard as the brother kept shooting.

Approximately two minutes later as silence fell in the home, the motion-sensitive doorbell cam reactivated as Roberts left the property and then returned with a pump-action shotgun and a duffel bag. Later, police discovered it was stuffed with hundreds of rounds of ammo.

The RING camera is activated again when the police arrive on the scene. A fire alarm can be heard indicating the man had set fire to the home.

Roberts then ran outside to confront the police firing a handgun. Police granted his death wish and dispatched the unhinged murderer. He fell face-first onto the porch.

Bodycam footage shows fire spreading through the home with black plumes of smoke swirling. The smoke prevented officers from immediately rushing inside to rescue Jodi Robers.

Source: Weber County Investigators

Roberts peppered homes across the street with bullet holes but no one else was reportedly hurt during the shootout.

Investigators are looking into Roberts’ residence in California, according to the Daily Mail. It’s unknown exactly how he obtained his weapons and ammo.

Jodi Roberts has now been released from the hospital but can’t return home due to the damage from the fire.

Turner’s GoFundMe has raised over $37,544 as of this writing on Friday. That’s more than triple its $10,000 goal.

The page is replete with many kind words and tributes to Scott Roberts as well as messages of support for his wife.

“Scott was an amazing colleague, mentor, and friend,” Marcella Windmuller remarked.

Mike Saunders recounted, “Scott was a mentor and great friend. I will always remember his stories and his laugh.”

More footage was released on Twitter and can be seen below at the viewer’s discretion:

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