RNC unveils ‘game-changing’ new tool to help Trump campaign maintain ‘red-hot momentum’

RNC Chairman Michael Whatley is touting a “game-changing” new tool that he says will “turn out the vote like never before.”

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is launching a “game-changing” new tool designed to help

Republican candidates up and down the ballot are expected to benefit from the launch of VotePro, which will help them communicate with voters ahead of the November election, according to Fox News.

The new system is a “one-stop shop” to help GOP candidates and committees “customize websites and develop easy-to-use resources for voters,” the network reported.

According to a press release, voters will be able to access portals free of cost to “register to vote, check voter registration status, request a mail ballot, commit to vote early in person or on Election Day, find their Early Vote location, find their Election Day voting location.”

“As a grassroots leader and former State Chairman, I know that delivering vital resources across the Republican ecosystem will help us turn out the vote like never before in November,” Whatley said in the release. “No matter how Republicans decide to cast their ballot—in person, by mail, early, or on Election Day—we will urge Republicans to lock in their vote for President Trump.”

Trump campaign senior advisor Susie Wiles was confident that VotePro will help the campaign maintain its “red-hot momentum.’

“The Trump Campaign and RNC are partnering like never before to spread President Trump’s message far and wide,” Wiles said in a statement. “President Trump has a proven track record of energizing voters and getting them to the polls. Tools like VotePro are a game-changing addition to our arsenal for translating this red-hot momentum into votes cast.”

Republicans are also committed to mounting their own “ballot harvesting” operation ahead of the 2024 presidential election, NBC News reported Wednesday.

More from the network:

An RNC official, who requested anonymity to speak candidly, said the party is focusing its efforts on the battleground states of Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and North Carolina. But thanks in part to Republicans around the country who have long claimed that ballot collection is a vehicle for fraud, the practice of having political volunteers or operatives collect and deliver ballots for other voters is explicitly legal in just one of those states, Nevada.


Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump told Newsmax in late April that the party’s ballot collection plans are “well underway.”

“The plans for that are going to be huge,” she said. “We’re firing on all cylinders.”

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