Rob Schneider puts ‘threat to democracy’ in pine box it deserves

The Democratic Party’s focus-group approved “defending democracy” tagline may be the most insidious falsehood ever perpetrated in U.S. politics, especially when considering that the so-called defenders are actively engaged in undermining democracy in pursuit of their Marxist-inspired goal of collapsing traditional America values.

Then again, Americans seem to be slowly coming to grips with this reality, just as they are beginning to realize that the answer to our problems lies with God, not weaselly politicians in Washington, D.C.

Actor Rob Schneider is among the enlightened when it comes to the ruse at hand, and he shared a spot-on assessment of what this country is up against on social media.

“Be careful of Political parties that warn of a threat to Democracy while they themselves arrest their political opponents, work with Tech companies to censor those that disagree with them, allow men in women’s sports & bathrooms, encourage child mutilation surgeries, fire Federal workers & nurses for not getting experimental gene therapies, threaten to expand the Supreme Court and eliminate the Electoral College, cause rampant inflation, increase the cost of groceries by 26 percent, allow 11 million people to illegally cross the border, and push the entire World close to World War III,” Schneider posted on X.

Everything Schneider posted is true and it’s remarkable that a political party can own these calamities and still be competitive. But for a complicit media and pop culture buy-in, Democrats might be run out of town on a rail.

As it is, moneyed political propaganda and a severely dumbed down population — this being why the left maintains a stranglehold on education in America — works wonders for the party and allows them to claim that they stand for the rule of law as they throw it out the window to attack political opponents.

Social media users were definitely on board with Schneider’s take… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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