Rogan puts Biden on blast for using Kamala Harris to make himself look better: ‘Kind of a b***h move’

Viral podcaster Joe Rogan sandblasted President Biden on his show Thursday over what he called a “b*tch move” for allegedly hiding behind Vice President Kamala Harris to protect himself in order to “finish the job” when he’s potentially reelected in 2024.

Rogan discussed Biden running in 2024 with guest and fellow comedian Dave Smith. Both are surprised that Biden would seek to run again at his age and posited that was why he kept Harris as his running mate even though his polls are abysmal.


King noted, “When 74 percent of Americans think the country is heading the wrong way it’s hard for the boss to say ‘give me four more years.’ This is a giant challenge for the president.”

“The fact that he’s running again is so wild when you watch him talk, the fact that there’s no leadership that can find a solution to this because there really is no solution,” Rogan pointed out, referring to the Democratic Party.

Rogan then referred to a conversation he had previously had with Smith on the subject of Biden’s candidacy in 2024.

“Like, what are they gonna do? Like what is — other than Biden dying like very soon, and then someone stepping up in a big way that makes sense,” he commented.

“Which is not beyond the realm of possibility. He’s older than the average life expectancy I believe already. Not saying he will die, but that is possible,” Smith remarked. “…I could just imagine there’s a boardroom with like very powerful people meeting who they’re like, ‘Okay, we’re getting him out. What’s the plan? Like, how do we do this?’ And I think they just cannot come up with one.”

I can’t come up with one. I mean, I’m not a political strategist, but, you know, I know the landscape. I know who’s out there,” Rogan claimed.

Smith contended that Biden has “perhaps brilliantly insulated himself by making Kamala Harris his vice president.”

He believes Democrats see him as less risky than Harris and therefore would go for the president’s nomination, “They’re like, ‘Well, we can’t have her!’”

“It’s not a bad move,” Rogan said comparing the situation to former President George H.W. Bush and his VP Dan Quayle.

“It’s amazing. It’s a good move – I mean, it’s kind it’s kind of a b*tch move, though, it’s kind of like those headliner comics who bring terrible openers,” Rogan observed.

(Video Credit: Inside Edition)

The mega-podcaster went on to mock Harris’ word salad monologues, “Time is like time, it just passes, and time is something that we’re all aware of.”

Smith pointed out that Biden and Harris’ public appearances are so bad they are almost performative, “Sometimes you’ll see it and you’re like, ‘Alright, you’re doing a thing here, like, this isn’t real… Is this a strategy of some sort to just say nothing and like sound as dumb as possible? Because you can’t be this dumb.'”

“We would never be able to understand the kind of pressure that must be on a person who is deeply unqualified for the job,” Rogan asserted and then alluded to Biden choosing Harris as his running mate when he had previously declared that he would only choose a black woman.

Although Rogan said he can sympathize with voters who want more representation in various jobs, he warned them of who they chose for positions of power, admonishing, “It has got to be a meritocracy.”

Smith responded to that contention by noting that the idea that representation has to be forced rather than won through merit was a “weird prejudice built into that idea” because it presumes that those chosen cannot win on their own.

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