Rolling Stone reports RFK Jr’s ‘number one priority’ is to take votes from Joe Biden

Rolling Stone is once again wading into the political sphere, and this time they’ve got their eyes on Robert F Kennedy Jr.

The article, titled ‘RFK Jr. Official Boasts His Campaign Could Throw the Election to Trump’, breathlessly reports that a Kennedy campaign official said her “number one priority” is to take votes from Biden.

“A campaign official for independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently said her “number one priority” is defeating President Joe Biden, and that Kennedy’s campaign could help throw the election to former President Donald Trump,” the article reads.

“Rita Palma, a New York state director for the Kennedy campaign, told a group of Republican voters on April 5, ‘The only way that Trump can even [have a] remote possibility of taking New York is if Bobby is on the ballot. If it’s Trump vs. Biden, Biden wins. Biden wins six days, seven days a week. With Bobby in the mix, anything can happen.’ Palma’s comments were first reported by CNN,” it continues.

“‘Whether you support Bobby or Trump, we all oppose Biden. And my thoughts are that’s the number one priority in the country. I’m going to vote for Bobby,’ Palma said in additional video footage reviewed by Rolling Stone. ‘However, if I wake up Nov. 6, and Trump wins, I’m not going to be overly upset. But if Biden wins, we’re all going to be terribly upset because he’s ruining America. And the people that control him are ruining our country,'” the outlet shared.

This information didn’t seem to come as a shock to anyone who understands how elections work:

Sierra Marlee


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