Ronna McDaniel features on MSNBC canned after employees throw temper tantrum

Former Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel will no longer be featured on MSNBC after a temper tantrum from the left-wing cable network’s employees.

McDaniel, who stepped down at the RNC earlier this month, wasted no time in taking her voice to NBC with the New York Times reporting that she was “also expected to provide commentary on MSNBC, NBC’s left-leaning cable cousin.”

While conservatives blasted the news, it also caused a ruckus with MSNBC employees, and they reacted to an internal memo announcing that McDaniel would be contributing “across all NBC News platforms” by revolting against the network which has now changed its plans.

According to the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC president Rashida Jones told her disgruntled on-air personalities and staffers that “the cable network has no plans to have McDaniel on the channel,”  citing anonymous sources.

“A number of MSNBC anchors and producers have voiced concern internally about McDaniel’s ties to former President Donald Trump and the RNC’s role in his efforts to challenge the 2020 election results,” the WSJ reported, “For MSNBC, besides the risk of upsetting talent, there is also concern that having McDaniel on could alienate its liberal audience.”

McDaniel is set to make her NBC debut on “Meet the Press,” the network’s Sunday morning flagship.

There was also an uproar from leftists on X over MSNBC’s now aborted onboarding of Mitt Romney’s niece as a part of the team.

“The journalism disgrace at NBC/MSNBC is historic. Do not doubt that. The hiring of a fascist, Ronna McDaniel, who is an election denier and serial liar who conspired to overthrow democracy in America is as cynical and corrupt as it gets,” said Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the disgraced collection of D.C. grifters known as the Lincoln Project, linking to a speech by legendary news broadcaster Edward R. Murrow.

Former NBCUniversal exec Mike Sington who creepily tweeted that Barron Trump is “fair game” since he turned 18 called for an MTP boycott, “I was an employee of NBCUniversal for 30 years, and I am urging you to boycott NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ tomorrow.”

Crazed semi-recluse Keith Olbermann, the “father of MSNBC” who has spent years holed up in his New York City apartment where he apparently cries urine tears and obsesses about Trump also threw in his two cents.

“It couldn’t be a more important moment to have a voice like Ronna’s on the team, NBC News political chief Carrie Budoff Brown said.

Chris Donaldson


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