Russell Brand: ‘I don’t know how you could do anything other than vote for Donald Trump’

Actor and comedian Russell Brand was clear this week that he sees through the smoke screen that is the Democratic Party’s approach to counter Donald Trump.

Brand interviewed RNC spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko on his new Stay Free podcast premiering Friday and shared his thoughts on the November election, questioning how any freedom-loving American could pull the lever for President Joe Biden.

“In a straight choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, if you care about democracy, if you care about freedom, I don’t know how you could do anything other than vote for Donald Trump for precisely the reasons that they claim that you can’t,” he told Pipko.

(Video Credit: Russell Brand)

“They act as if a vote for Donald Trump is almost like you’re directly voting for Armageddon, like you see hysterical performances outside of courtrooms, endless MSNBC bombast,” he continued. “But I’m starting to think that no, a greater threat to democracy is this kind of technological feudalism, that tells you that it cares about you and that it’s protecting vulnerable people, all the while increasing censorship, increasing the funding of wars, increasing the division between ordinary Americans.”

The weaponization of the legal system is proving to be harmful for Democrats as Brand took note of the difference between reality and discourse.

“For a long time, I’ve been concerned about the snobbery and the contempt and condemnation in which people that support Donald Trump are plainly held by his detractors,” Brand said. “And this is while you have an administration that’s emulating his policies, plagiarizing from Donald Trump, while simultaneously criminalizing him from the weaponization of the legal system.”

“The idea of this…Orwellian nightmare continuing all the while they’re telling you that they’re helping you, is a far greater threat than their constant portrayal of Trump as a mad strongman figure, a kind of twenty-first-century reiteration of the despotism of the last century,” he added. “For me, what we are facing now is a bigger threat than that.”

The idea of Brand cozying up to the Trump family, as seen in the clip below, may be more than some on the left can bear — Brand sat down this week with Don Trump Jr. for an exclusive discussion that aired on Rumble:

He will find out soon enough there is a special kind of hate reserved for those who refuse to condemn Donald Trump as a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler — this hate being driven more by the traditional values Trump upholds than the man himself.

And oh, does the hate ever flow… here’s a quick sampling from the social media platform X:

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