No sense of humor: Rob Schneider ‘loudly booed’ and removed over trans and vax jokes

Comedian Rob Schneider received a rude reaction when his jokes about transgenders and the COVID vaccines angered a thin-skinned crowd at a Canadian charity event.

The Saturday Night Live alum and actor was reportedly removed from stage at the Four Seasons Balls before the end of his set at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan where he was performing on June 1.

According to the Regina-Leader Post, the politically incorrect stand-up comic was “roundly booed” for mocking the very special protected demographic which has absolutely no sense of humor. Schneider also reportedly poked fun at the jabs which have been embraced as an almost sacred rite by sourball leftists.

“While we recognize that in a free and democratic society individuals are entitled to their views and opinions and that comedy is intended to be edgy, the content, positions and opinions expressed during Mr. Schneider’s set do not align with the values of our foundation and team,” the Hospitals of Regina Foundation – which sponsored the event – said in a statement.

“We do not condone, accept, endorse or share Mr. Schneider’s positions, as expressed during his comedy set and acknowledge that in this instance the performance did not meet the expectations of our audience and our team,” the organization added.

The outlet reported that the “foundation said a decision was made during Schneider’s set to ask him ‘to end his performance earlier than intended, to which he agreed and immediately left the stage,'” and that it had followed the incident by offering up  “an unconditional apology” to guests and the aggrieved community after his set.

The organization’s apology seemed to be a bit of hypocritical rear-end covering considering that bookers should have been well aware of Schneider’s material in which he frequently jokes about such sacred cows as transvestites and homosexuals. He has also been a vocal critic of the controversial vaccines.

One eyewitness described the cruel trauma inflicted upon attendees by the comic, telling CBC Saskatchewan that some were so distraught that they broke down weeping, a sad commentary about people who are in need of constant affirmation of their sexual lifestyle.

(Video: YouTube: CBC Saskatchewan)

“I really felt strongly after seeing many people, some were in tears, some were you know, incredibly upset, people were just leaving the room, that I just said to myself, ‘I can’t sit by and do nothing'” he told the outlet.

“Within probably about 45 seconds, he you know started sharing things about, you know, being very anti-vaccinations, very against trans folks, even quite a few misogynistic things I would say so I went up and asked to speak to the organizers of the event,” the complainer recalled.

He said that at first the organizers were reluctant to “do anything” about Schneider because people were laughing and enjoying the show, but he persisted and spineless organizers pulled the plug, once again caving to the selfish whiners who spoil things for everyone else.

“It’s an intolerance but it’s dressed up as manners,” Schneider recently said of wokeism.

Chris Donaldson


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