Sad Keith Olbermann blames Biden’s debate faceplant on cold meds

Poor Keith Olbermann is having a hard time coming to grips with President Joe Biden all but proving to the nation Thursday evening that he’s not fit for the job — now or for another four years.

At the same time, the unhinged left-wing commentator acknowledged that the cognitively challenged 81-year-old president was jacked up on drugs, as in cold medication.

The Biden campaign announced Thursday evening that Biden was suffering from a cold, and Olbermann deduced that the Democrat’s dismal performance was the result of over-the-counter cold medication. This excuse comes after the former MSNBC host initially blamed CNN for Biden getting his clock cleaned by former President Donald Trump, calling for the network to be reduced to a smoldering pile of ash.

Responding to a Newsweek article on the matter, Olbermann posted on X, “There is something intuitive to this, especially if you’ve ever taken what we specialists call ‘over the counter drugs.'”

In a follow-up, Olbermann shared that he was almost taken out recently by “extra strength sinus headache medication.”

“I mean I took an extra strength sinus headache medication last week and I needed about seven takes on the podcast (the average is 1.5) I was also watching the debate on a 120″ screen. His eyes were tiny at the start, larger by 30 minutes, normal by the next morning,” he wrote.

On the night of the debate, Olbermann was peeved that the CNN moderators did not create the expected 3-on-1 scenario under the guise of “fact-checking,” calling the decision to allow the candidates to police one another “one of the most immoral decisions in the history of the free press in this country.”

Often accused of being a crazed lunatic, Olbermann supported that view when he added: “Literally, I am suggesting that at some point tonight, CNN should…go off the air in shame, fire everybody, seal off the buildings, make sure everybody’s out and burn the g****** place to the ground.”

He also said anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, along with their bosses at CNN should “at minimum be suspended or fired for journalistic malpractice at the highest level of failure in American media and journalistic history.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to Olbermann’s latest finger-pointing, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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