Sage Steele rips ‘ridiculous’ black national anthem at sporting events: ‘Dude, we’re one big melting pot’

Sage Steele trashed the “ridiculous” notion of playing what the left calls the black national anthem at major sports events, arguing accurately that it “promotes segregation.”

The song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” was even played before the Super Bowl, with the blessing of woke NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is on board with the virtue signaling promoted by many American organizations in the hopes that by feeding the alligator they will be eaten last.

Musician Reggie Watts was a guest this week on The Sage Steele Show, and the show’s namesake expressed her opposition to how the song is being billed, “I don’t like this whole black national anthem thing.”

(Video Credit: The Sage Steele Show)

After Watts suggested he was unaware of the controversy, Steele added, “See? Well, it’s newer the last couple of years and it’s at the Super Bowl.”

“It’s the blanthem,” Watts joked, prompting Steele to say maybe under that name she wouldn’t “think of it as so ridiculous and divisive.”

“Dude, we’re one big melting pot,” she added. “This is good. Why are we now choosing to separate again when we’ve been in a tough time here the past several years, to say, ‘This is only our anthem, but y’all better stand up. Get your ass up.’ I think we’re all Americans and it’s our anthem; and all the immigrants from across the world that have come here stand up for our anthem. They’re all Americans.”

Watts compared the use of the song to the sham Black Lives Matter movement, though he said the first four months of BLM “was really cool.” This is the period also known as the BLM riots, where American cities were sacked and burned in the summer of 2020 over the death of drug addict George Floyd.

“To me, it wasn’t helpful — it wasn’t helpful,” he said of BLM. “To me what’s helpful is strong intelligent voices speaking on notions of compassion.”

Megyn Kelly responded to the discussion by saying, “Right on, you go [Sage Steele].”

Here’s a quick sampling of other responses, as seen on the social media platform X:

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