Salon pins random women being punched in NYC on ‘desperate last gasp of male rage fueling MAGA’

You’re likely to be excused if you mistake Salon senior writer Amanda Marcotte for Jussie Smollett, given her take on why men are punching random women on the streets of New York City.

To hear Marcotte tell it, there are Trump supporters walking around the Big Apple rocking MAGA hats and looking to ambush women on their way to grab a sandwich from Subway — well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but she is pinning the crimes squarely on Trump supporters without a scantily of evidence.

“The alleged victims are mostly young and pretty, and most of them say they were minding their own business when they were attacked,” the liberal wrote in what a social media user described as “a ninth-grade feminist think piece.”

She wrote that enraged men are “infuriated” that these beautiful women are not paying attention to them, and even brings Ben Shapiro into it for “setting fire to a Barbie doll.” And that’s when her Trump Derangement Syndrome gets the better of her.

“Or MAGA pundits telling lies about birth control, in hopes of tricking women into having babies before they’re ready,” Marcotte rants. “Or conservatives writing op-eds that blame women for male loneliness, telling women they must self-sacrifice to relieve male pain by marrying Donald Trump voters. Or right-wing men yelling because Taylor Swift has cats or because she dates a hunky, vaccinated NFL player instead of, I dunno, having babies with a guy in ill-fitting cargo shorts.”

She added, “These stories resonate, as well, because the nation is having a moment of increasingly unhinged male fury at women for daring to have lives that are centered around something other than catering to a man’s every whim. Unleashed by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, there’s an upswell of loud male entitlement shouting at us from every corner.”

And if that’s not unhinged enough, she concluded: “The rise of MAGA is fueled by misogyny. But it’s less a backlash than a tantrum, a rage explosion by men who want to restore their dominance but fear that, this time, women won’t buckle to their bullying. This rash of men punching women in New York City captures this moment in a dark way.”

In reality, there is a growing fear that Trump may prevail in November and the left is getting desperate, and his ultimate fate may very well be decided by women voters.

Either way, the editorial is “beyond parody,” as Charles C.W. Cooke noted… here’s a sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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