Sandmann 2.0: Media accuses innocent young sports fan of ‘black face’, plasters him all over internet

Race hustling reached new heights Monday when corporate media maligned a young football fan’s team spirit as “black face.”

“Why is the media so intent on ruining the lives of young white boys?”

The Taylor Swift-induced love affair with the Kansas City Chiefs took a sharp downward spiral after Sunday’s matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders when a war-painted fan wearing her beau Travis Kelce’s jersey was featured on the game’s telecast. Sporting a feathered headdress and his team’s colors bisecting his face, the boy’s appearance proved triggering for a grown man at Deadspin.

Monday, writer Carron J. Phillips danced in hate hoax territory as he featured a misleading image of the fan with the headline, “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress.”

Calling out the NFL commissioner, Phillips’ subheading suggested more than mere fandom as he accused, “They’re doubling up on the racism. Are you going to say anything, Roger Goodell?”

Journalist Andy Ngô was among those shedding light on the misrepresentation as he featured a front-facing image of the boy and a screen shot of the post with the caption, “Deadspin writer @carronJphillips targeted a young child in a hit piece, falsely accusing him of ‘black face.’ The child’s face was painted red and black, the colors of the NFL sports team he supported.”

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Collin Rugg went on to quote the article as he shared the same images slamming Phillips for slander. “On Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time,” said the writer. “The image of a Chiefs fan in Black face wearing a Native headdress during a road game leads to so many unanswered questions.”

“If the NFL had outlawed the chop at Chiefs games and been more aggressive in changing the team’s name,” asserted Phillips, “then we wouldn’t be here.”

Suggestions of systemic racism ran rampant through the piece that conspiratorially challenged the fan appearing on television to begin with. “Why did the producer allow that camera angle to be aired at all? Is that fan a kid/teenager or a young adult? Despite their age, who taught that person that what they were wearing was appropriate?”

Of note, Chiefs fans were banned from wearing headdresses at home games in 2020 at Arrowhead Stadium.

Even after getting corrected about the paint the boy was wearing, Phillips remained unrelenting in his racist accusations appearing to suggest all the people challenging his victimhood “hate Mexicans.”

“For the idiots in my mentions who are treating this as some harmless act because the other side of his face was painted red, I could make the argument that it makes it even worse. Y’all are the ones who hate Mexicans but wear sombreros on Cinco.”

After having earlier suggested that the boy sue Deadspin “into oblivion” for the article, Rugg raised previous instances of corporate media defamation as he wrote, “Nick Sandmann was slandered by the media as a ‘racist’ for standing still and not saying anything. Kyle Rittenhouse was slandered and called a ‘white supremacist’ by the media for defending his life. Now the media is trying to slander a young Chiefs fan for being ‘racist’ against black people. Why is the media so intent on ruining the lives of young white boys?”

Phillips’ replies may have been turned off, but that didn’t stop social media users from finding ways to sound off against him and others like Yahoo Sports writer Charles McDonald who tried a similar smear by captioning the boy’s image, “this chiefs fan is totally having a normal one.”

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