Schmoozing Trudeau taken aback when man refuses to shake his hand: ‘You f**ked up this country!’

The frustration among many freedom-loving Canadians is starting to boil over as they struggle with inflation and stifling speech restrictions.

One such incident that highlighted palpable anger was witnessed when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen schmoozing in the Toronto area before he met someone who wasn’t drinking his Kool-Aid.

As Trudeau reached out for a handshake, one unidentified man responded with an abrasive reality check instead.

“I’m not shaking your hand, bro, you’re a f**king piece of s**t man.”

Taken somewhat off guard, Trudeau asked, “How is that?”

And that’s when the disgruntled man really delivered.

“You f**cked up this entire country!” he began.

When Trudeau asked ‘how,’ the man responded with a question of his own.

“Can anyone afford a home?” he quipped before calling out Trudeau’s caravan of idling vehicles while lecturing, regulating, and taxing his Canadian subjects in the name of climate change.

The man then blasted Trudeau for sending money to corrupt Ukraine before the PM accused him of ‘listening to Putin.’

The confrontation garnered a lot of attention on X and the reaction rolled in:

He did indeed, and some believe that controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson knows why. In a nutshell: “low verbal intelligence”.


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