Senator Sinema’s ringtone includes the refrain, ‘You don’t have the votes’ – and CNN reported it

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema sparked a round of online applause over a reported phone ringtone that seemed to troll her own party.

CNN reported that the moderate Democrat from Arizona “did not commit to voting for President Joe Biden’s sweeping social safety net legislation” in a piece about the lack of votes Senate Democrats had to pass the Build Back Better Act.

But it was a line about how, when Sinema was getting ready for the sit-down interview, her cell phone rang, which set off the social media reactions:

Before the start of the interview on Thursday, Sinema’s cellphone rang. Her ringtone is the refrain from a song in the musical “Hamilton” that includes the lyrics “you don’t have the votes.” It’s been her ringtone since 2015, the year the musical was originally released, her spokesman told CNN.


While many Twitter users on the left slammed the senator for the reported ringtone, others celebrated the expert trolling, though – as CNN noted – the ringtone is not a new addition to the senator’s phone and has been her ringtone since the musical “Hamilton” debuted in 2015.

Despite no confirmation either that the line,  “you don’t have the votes” is actually part of the portion in the ringtone, many social media users still tipped their hat to Sinema.

Frieda Powers


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