Lack of demand prompts pediatricians to toss Covid-19 vaccine doses for children under 5

Injecting an experimental vaccine into the arms of babies who are least likely to be affected by COVID-19 was always going to be a hard sell, but […]

NYC restaurateur blasts city over outside dining shed being used as a love shack: ‘Precinct doesn’t care’

A Manhattan restaurateur is speaking out after discovering her Greenwich Village outdoor dining shed is being used as a sex den and the city and the police […]

Italian runner’s pace goes limp after package popped out of his shorts during race

An Italian runner at the front of the pack in a 400-meter race would end up finishing last due to what had to be the ultimate wardrobe […]

NY Gov. Hochul gets torched over photo of herself grilling

There’s an old saying that you can spot a phony a mile away — and someone should have shared that adage with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. […]

Biden free to travel after Covid isolation – goes right to beach house

President Joe Biden almost went an entire three weeks without escaping to his beach vacation home in Delaware, with the fact that this was noteworthy pretty much […]

‘Not going down without a fight!’ Florida prosecutor suspended by DeSantis is furious, running his mouth!

The Florida state attorney suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis last week for refusing to enforce the law has accused DeSantis of “trying to overthrow democracy” and vowed […]

Al Sharpton uses God to defend choosing to have an abortion: ‘The Bible is about choice’

Leave it to Al Sharpton to fall back on the Bible to defend abortion, after all, he has exploited religion for much of his life for personal […]

NYC Mayor Adams comes all unglued after Abbott’s second bus of migrants arrives

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for federal help while denouncing the governor of Texas after a busload of illegal immigrants arrived in the Big Apple. […]

Dems muck up selling costly ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ after Sunday’s vote; November fate is sealed

Listen carefully and Democrats will always tell you who they are and what agenda they’re pursuing. That lesson was on full display Sunday when the party passed […]

Air Force recruitment photo blasted for swap of American flag with pride flag

Misplaced loyalties is as good a description of today’s left as one might find, but when it involves the U.S. military the implications can be far-reaching. Amid […]

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