Seven states follow California with plan to BAN gas-powered vehicles

As the Biden administration looks to phase out gas cars by 2032, at least eight states have made bold moves to ensure that their residents will no longer have the choice to purchase new gas-powered cars.

Starting with 2035 models, automakers and dealerships will be prohibited from selling any new gas-powered vehicles and can only offer zero-emission models to consumers in participating states that are following California’s lead with the Advanced Clean Cars II legislation.

Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington have followed suit with Rhode Island being the most recent state to join the climate change hysteria.

Not surprisingly, the personal finance site Money noted that “All of the planned bans are in coastal states.”

“Generally, the states’ plans have not required votes from their legislatures. Instead, they’ve been advanced with support from governors and environmental regulators,” the site reported in an even more telling comment.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont reportedly dropped his push for joining the ‘ban-wagon’ after he experienced pushback from his state’s lawmakers.

Daily Mail reported:

According to Kelley Blue Book, EVs made up 7.6 percent of new car sales in 2023.

Although this is up from 3.2 percent in 2021, there is a clear disparity across the country as to who is switching to electric cars.

Data earlier this year revealed how Americans in some areas are buying more than 10 times as many electric vehicles than in others.

The West Coast – and particularly California – continued to dominate the market last year, according to figures from market research firm S&P Global Mobility.

But other places, including the so-called ‘Motor City’ Detroit – the nation’s auto capital – have barely any residents buying electric cars.


While some other states have made the move to adopt some form of the overreaching legislation, they have not fully committed to the 2035 date. Delaware and Colorado will require 82% of new cars to be zero-emissions vehicles by 2032, and New Mexico may adopt parts of the Advanced Clean Cars II legislation while announcing annual targets for the sale of new zero-emission models.

However, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has not indicated that he will follow the lead of fellow Democratic governors and Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin has already spoken out against a ban. The problem for Youngkin is that Virginia is tied to the California legislation.

“Virginia passed legislation coupling the state with California standards… For now VA is technically required by law to implement ACC II starting with Model Year 2026,” explained a spokesperson for the nonprofit Ceres.

Frieda Powers


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