‘Sharp as a fleece blanket’: Biden campaign releases the most hilarious ad of the year

The latest campaign spot from the president’s team offered a laughable likeness that left social media users scrambling to complete the “sharp” comparison.

From attempting to shake the hands of people not present to more recently bumbling his way through a Wawa, it’s “not a joke,” as the man himself would say, to argue that President Joe Biden is well past his prime. Still, with Democratic hopes of maintaining control of the White House riding on the gaffe-tastic executive’s appeal, his campaign cranked up the gaslighting to sell him as “sharp as a knife.”

In their newest ad posted online Thursday simply titled “Sharp,” a labor union member of United Steelworkers from Pennsylvania made his pitch in defense of Biden with blanket statements about the supposed performance of the administration.

“I love to tell the story about meeting President Biden because, when you meet him, this guy’s as sharp as a knife,” declared the man identified as Jojo Burgess.

“They have nothing else to attack because they can’t attack the things that he’s doing that are so good for this country,” further claimed Burgess who the ad neglected to point out was also the Democratic Mayor of Washington, Pa., who had received the backing of Biden for his 2023 election.

Bypassing the astroturf enthusiasm for the president who has overseen record-setting gas prices, decades-high inflation, and ever-increasing international tensions threatening greater global conflict, as well as his apparent struggles with ordering milkshakes and closing box lids in Philadelphia, reactions to the sales pitch of a “sharp” President Biden were beyond hard to swallow.

“Biden has a new ad where this dude is calling him ‘sharp as a knife’. Are they TRYING to make us burst into laughter?!” asked on X user as another wondered, “What exactly have you gotten done except get us into more wars and raise inflation and interest rates I just don’t understand how you can claim you’re getting things done. You are literally doing the exact opposite.”

Still others raised points like, “…whenever you ask ‘What has he DONE to improve the southern border, economy, inflation, Hamas in this country, and foreign gang members? Then they try to put a vague spin on it~~ Their answer should be: nothing!”

Elsewhere on X, users attempted to complete the comparison about Biden being as “sharp as a knife” by dishing out their examples of specific knives that Burgess may have been thinking of at the time of his statement.

From rusty blades to butter knives and even a shiv made out of Play-Doh, replies rapidly filled with images of plastic utensils, spoons and infomercial-worthy ineffective examples of cutlery to catalog just how blunt an instrument the public truly thought President Joe Biden was:

Kevin Haggerty


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