‘Who’s paying for this?’ Outrage follows announcement Dylan Mulvaney will be speaking at Catholic university

Concerns are being raised about Saint Louis University’s decision to invite Dylan Mulvaney to campus to speak about being transgender.

Mulvaney is the infamous biological male who purports to be a transgender woman. According to critics, he has no place at a religious Catholic-Jesuit school like St. Louis University.

Yet Mulvaney has been invited to campus by the school’s Student Activities Board and its Great Issues Committee, the latter of which strives to “spark dialogue, engage in critical thinking, and have fun.”

According to the school’s website, Mulvaney will specifically speak about “experiences as a trans actress, activist, and content creator.”

The invitation to speak has excited transgender activists.

“Obviously giving a voice to trans people at a Jesuit institution is a big deal,” Micah Ballard of the city’s Metro Trans Umbrella Group, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “It’s cool to see them bringing in a very different perspective students aren’t used to.”

Robert Fischer, a spokesperson for Missouri’s LGBTQ+ advocacy group PROMO, added that the school is “walking the walk.”

“It’s something to be celebrated — religious communities who celebrate and showcase trans and LGBTQ communities,” he said. “Sometimes those speakers or voices are left out.”

That’s one way to look at things, but conservatives definitely view things differently.

Alexandra Leung, the president of the school’s College Republicans club, argued in a statement that Mulvaney’s whole message and shtick contradicts the school’s Catholic teachings.

“Mulvaney’s comments have been deemed disrespectful and derogatory towards women and to SLU’s central mission,” she said.

But she also said she doesn’t plan to protest Mulvaney’s appearance, unlike the leftists who invariably protest conservative events.

Instead, Leung invited women’s sports activist Paula Scanlan to speak at the school a day after Mulvaney’s event, but the school conveniently claimed that its security couldn’t accommodate the request. Yet the school never complained when leftist actress Jameela Jamil spoke in January or when Tan France of “Queer Eye” spoke last year.

Meanwhile, conservatives on social media say the school is a disgrace and should be ashamed of itself.



All this comes about a month out after singer Lady Gaga stirred up massive controversy by celebrating Mulvaney for International Women’s Day.

“I promise you, if you put your mind to it, and you work hard, and you never give up, and you do not listen to the rejection, you can achieve anything that life throws your way,” she said in a video clip featuring the transgender star.


Even more controversy erupted when, months earlier in October of 2023, Virgin Atlantic’s “Attitude Awards” presented its first-ever “Woman of the Year” award to Mulvaney.

Vivek Saxena


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